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  1. Is any of those markets good or are they all scammers? http://srwmltrmx5uy3j74adakpixaptlr2lie42cshrlglsyy2mml24hcs4id.onion/ http://j5ehssrshpxpdkto.onion/ http://blackph5fuiz72bf.onion/ http://cardsunwqrzhg5cw.onion/ Thx for the help
  2. Ich wГјrde es auch gerne wissen?
  3. Thx made. For working i should use vpn socks5, ccleaner and , aber mac changer right?
  4. Is here someone who use Tails to do his stuff?
  5. Need a carding teacher/mentor to get better in this business. Is anyone there?
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