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  1. Sorry, I didn't read your post correctly. I thought you coded the gift card yourself.
  2. Ive always been real crafty at designing things. I can pretty much reproduce anything I see. Now that I am into carding I have made it my mission to break the codes. Why purchase things I can configure myself.
  3. I like carding also, but I am a creator. I would love to learn how to make the cards if you are willing to teach me.
  4. Could someone please explain to me how to PM, Telegram, and ICQ. I see people requesting this form of communication and I'm lost.
  5. In need of Victoria Secret CC's. Closed Accounts just need the cards with good expiration dates!! Let's talk $$
  6. Hello, I would love to join your crew. I believe that I possess all of the equipment that is needed. If not, I will get it. I am not sure what picking is, but I'm a quick study. Please explain PM to me and how to use it. Thank you from Southern Cali
  7. bearsgirl

    Bank Account info

    I'm sure it's toast by now, but if you come across anymore we can get paid. Just ICQ me.
  8. If this is still available, I would like to get in.
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