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  1. Yes, that is possible too. But can you give us some ideas of cardable websites.
  2. Hello, And how do you want to go about this? I have good CV's and more than basic knowledge. PM me or add me on jabber: wdreder12@jabber.hot-chilli.net or Wickr: mr101ishere
  3. Hello, First thing first: how much money are in those accounts? Are there amounts that are worth the effort? Have you accessed the accounts? If you have not done it yet be carefull to do it right so you don't kill them. It might be possible to cash out those money, but i never did it. I have some ideeas. Follow me and PM me. Here is my jabber: wdreder12@jabber.hot-chilli.net or Wickr: mr101ishere
  4. Hello, Can't guarantee for non VBV. Some are, some are not. I don't think is anybody that can guarantee that. And i always see this quis that say this BINs or those BINs are NON VBV but in my experience they are always rong. If you think you know some BINs that are non VBV then tell me those BINs and if i have them i will give you.
  5. I have some good CVV's but i can't find a way to cash them out.
  6. I have lots of CVV's. If you realy have a good method we can split the profit or you can buy from me. Follow me so we can talk on PM
  7. I followed you. Can you PM me?
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