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  1. I can daily bring new fresh cards which is the main thing in this business
  2. Anyone can cash out and send me my share in bitcoins? I have more than 400 Trusted cards from europe and uk.
  3. Name expiry cvv address phone number sometimes dob and copy of id
  4. Whoever can cash out, I'm looking for a partner to split with (I'm outside the us so you gotta have a way to deliver me the money) The balance I have in the cards is more than 3M USD. We can make use of this I'm sure!
  5. I have many live cc and I need the methods, however I have no way to pay the 15$. would you take 2 live cc in return or so?
  6. Hey folks, I'm currently looking for a partner to help me out (I have more than 2500 fullz) from Usa and europe. If someone is experienced enough to help me cash out, I've no problem with splitting. (Ps: I'm not in the US so I won't be able to buy amazon stuff) I need help and I'm sure I'll let you make money too. Follow and pm me if you're interested and maybe you have something we can work on. Cheers!
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