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  1. Hit me on telegram. I can turn this into money fast. Hottd4mn
  2. Juggalot I got legit banks. Hit me telegram Hottd4mn
  3. So I got 15 live MasterCard credit cards no mcsc live bins... now where the hell I go from there
  4. i need fullz, hit me up telegram hottd4mn
  5. I got 15 live MasterCard gold cc bins with no mcsc... now I don’t know where the hell to go from here... help plz
  6. I got a eBay with a cc on it, just couldn’t find no use for it. Hit me up telegram hottd4mn
  7. Hottd4mn


    Yo you tryna lemme try out a couple, I’ll buy mad fullz if they legit
  8. Telegram hottd4mn hit me
  9. Just need to get started again, a couple fully would really help a dude out!! Thanks in advance
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