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  1. Hmm interesting I know that localbitcoin now requiers KYC but I didnt know that doesn't have vbv security. Any way good job!
  2. You can still find ATM's in US without EMV look better and you will find it.
  3. I mean if you want a wallet that works with TOR you can use electrum and mycellium. If you want a higher anonymity just use wasabi and read about the
  4. Just take a look at wasabi wallet and to use with tor electrum and mycelium.
  5. What kind of skimmers be more specific...
  6. You wanna cash out or you need someone to cash out for you?
  7. Every one here asking for T2 P what you do with them you must be in a country where EMV protocol is not implemented on 100% and you can make your transaction on magstripe and cash out. Any one here is in such country?
  8. Yea it looks like a door key like 2 inch long )
  9. Willing to pay 10k and above only if I meet with the person and test my dumps to see if its working because I see a lot of vendors that sends you proof or videos and when you tell them that you give them dumps pin to cash them out as payment they become very quiet and fustrated from here you can tell how good they are...
  10. Look for the card keys if you set the chips...
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