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  1. Hi friend, I was waiting for 2 days, the order had to be for the 19th for my uncle's birthday, when I called DHL they said that there was a strike in sender's city, that's why the delay. But thank you very much, the package finally arrived. You told me to leave a vouch when I receive the package:
  2. Will 100% buy from you again soon. Just to clarify, i got $5000 today and i can pay for my daughters college now.
  3. That's fair enough, I'm not saying you're a scammer but it's a good service from a white name and I'm sure you can see why it can be sketchy.
  4. Thanks for the method. Can you not trigger VBV verification by having good quality socks/fingerprinting?
  5. Buy at your own risk, non-VBVs are rare and saying that all of his skimmed Visas are non-VBV is highly unlikely. Also saying that they're all high balance is too good to be true.
  6. Anyone know where I can buy valid ID scans? This could be the scans alone or fullz with scan inluded.
  7. Is 2heckout VBV? Or will I still need to bypass VBV using this payment processor?
  8. For things such as fullz and bins it's just a search engine search away, you can find 90% of what you need in just a quick browse of the forum. Use the search function to find what you need and if it's not there then just ask specific questions.
  9. So I've just been doing quick research before carding and have come up with this plan, let me know what you think: On Laptop: Change MAC Address Connect to public WiFi Connect to VPN RDP to server RDP Server: Connect to SOCKS5 (card location) Delete DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns Release cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release Renew IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew 3. Load Antidetect and spoof fingerprint to card location BTC: Load via cash at ATM Acquire card with BTC CC to BTC (working this part out next) Send to TOR Wallet Mix and send to TOR wallet 2 Send to clearnet wallet and cash out
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