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  1. Hey - just thought I’d throw this put out there -Any help I can assist in as newly unemployed , I am seeking to rid myself of this stench of failure. looking for work. I am new as well as above mentioned. Physically could provide services if needed. mailings ,legwork etc.Im a forty something year old nurse -unassuming female lol. Of good character and confidentiality maintained.
  2. Hey guys anyone that can instill my loss of hope and any good intentions back to other then what I’m painfully experiencing after losing job and being scammed x2: to assist in my losses and provide me with gift card for payment of the services (from what I have read Sauls -better call....services....)please all you smart sexy forum members and carders please give a 300 -500giftcard that can fund-this. Your generosity and good intentions will not go observed unnoticed !!! U guys create with ease and perfection please consider I know you will Thankyou In advance Blackstar62669@gmail or msg me here
  3. Will provide for PayPal,cashap,monies!!!!
  4. Anyway u could help a Sista out. Need reload card for prepaid or any to cash ASAP can provide s.s numbers in return
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