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  1. Hello, Anybody has experience with 21 dump street? They look legit, but I am curious if anybody has experience with them
  2. I am new to carding. I have my encoder, I have my cards and I am looking forward to buy my first Dump with a pin. Could you please suggest a site? I want this post to serve as guide to other members and newcomers as well, so please provide normal answers and not "pm me"-s.
  3. okey, thanks for the answers. One more thing, can the ATM swallow my card?
  4. search for an bitcoin ATM, so you can select the option withdraw bitcoin and it's gonna give you hard cash back
  5. does it have to a card with a chip, or only magnetic will do?
  6. 1.approach ATM without being recognized (hat) 2.insert card 3.insert pin 4.withdraw 5.leave my question is: does the card have to be chiped or magnetic?
  7. If I want to cash out my card with an ATM Does the card have to be chipped (fried) or a simple magnetic card will do as well?
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