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  1. https://cardingforum.co/threads/how-to-initiate-conversarions.63941/
  2. The problem has been fixed, thank you for letting us know about the issue!
  3. I banned him now, two users reported that he is a scammer.
  4. Thank your for your contribution!
  5. Welcome back, we missed you!
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    You are not to change any of the passwords on the accounts. If you are to do so the first person to post on the topic and say thank you. your account will be suspended from our site. We do not tolerate password changes. This is for members to enjoy. So follow these rules to stay away from a suspended account. Thank you,
  7. To post remote download files you must include a VirusTotal analysis link.
  8. VirusTotal ( 4/58 ) - https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/db86875a38e5f603c3f62159100268b6e3b153241ab46e66636ec59fdd28a490/detection
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  10. https://carding.community/threads/california-u-s-id-template.5465/
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