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  1. Shatitlook

    need cc de

    already bought?
  2. I have an unnecessary one, but I used it for PayPal, if you need it for PayPal, it will not work
  3. it's always better to pay them, they know your address
  4. despite the fact that there is a VirusTotal - I do not trust this
  5. this is understandable, it's not clear why this guy is so excited given that he has a couple of messages
  6. look for them on the 3-5 page of Google, do not take them from the first pages
  7. Shatitlook

    Free VPN

    Nord is not very good, as it records logs
  8. Shatitlook


    you could have picked it up 10 years ago. you can't do it now
  9. Shatitlook

    Free CC

    This is the best topic on the forum. Draw a card. One is not working, two more are excellent, paid $ 50 each. I haven't checked the others yet
  10. Shatitlook


    Can someone sell?
  11. did you find anyone reliable? if so pm me
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