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  1. thank you and I will share if I find something
  2. man I also want to make a cc purchase, share bro
  3. man that is good that u ddnt try exploit this dude for sharing a method, this is what this forum should be all about.
  4. Sup man do u still have dumps and how much do they cost
  5. thats the shit that got everybody going crazy in S.A and nobody has been paid from it. Atm looting is a sport on a few really play
  6. I have realised that some people that most people are here for fun and scamming us into buying from them and it pisses me off to hear that some people have been scammed into buying dumps that don't exist or work. Some of us really need the money and everytime we post that we need dumps some idiot has the audacity to say pm me, knowing damn well they dont have shit. Stop sending these fuckers btc before you can find out who they really are. Some dude wanted to sell to me and he sent me a pic of his cards but when i asked for the same pic he sent with my name on it he couldn't because the pic wasn't his. compare the pics, see if it is the same desk or surface as the previous pic, if not! ask that they take exact same pic on the exact same surface with your name on it before 5 minutes is up, i also ask them whether they have the cards on them right to avoid excuses. I haven't been scammed yet but i hate the attempts they are making
  7. looking for a loader or a seller of atm withdrawal cards
  8. i guess the person you bought from is fucking with you
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