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  1. i got methods and im also not from the US so...we can work it out, send me a pm on jabber: cyla00@xabber.org
  2. magnetic works too there is a trick to know if the atm reads or not magstrip
  3. i got some stuff going with dumps and cloned card and atm/pos cashouts, pm me on jabber: cyla00@xabber.org or follow me in the forum and send me your telegram
  4. I currently found this new method and for how much i tested it, its working fine, im looking a cashout partner to test it and perfection it even more, the CCs required are international and for now pretty much any bin is working just fine, no need of fullz or too much owner information such as address zipcode etc... i prefer to work with EU,RU,US people because of the type of ccs involved. to contact me, no icq/telegram shit, lets play it safe and serious so jabber: cyla00@xabber.org ​
  5. they where probably talking about online, logically you can use any card if the card is abled, no region locked, if you want to talk more about it contact me on jabber: cyla00@xabber.org
  6. i got a method if you hace asian ccs to use
  7. do you have jabber? i want to ask you a quick thing, my jabber cyla00@xabber.org
  8. That's for Europeans ONLY! swipe,chip and pin, 201/101,POS and shupps so we all know EU at least west Europe has and uses chip only cards, BUT sometimes you find some POSs with the swipe side, someone still does this 3 denied dips and swipe thing or is it a years old thing that doesnt work anymore? are there some atms in europe that accept the magstrip if the chip is fried? i need an update of the situation here because years ago it was easy af. now for what i can read around looks like Europe is a safe for physical carding and also online carding. ​just you to know, im just "asking for a friend"XD to contact me, no icq shit, no telegram shit, we play safe and serious so jabber: cyla00@xabber.org​ ​
  9. dm me on jabber: cyla00@xabber.org
  10. si tu fais du comptes cracking avec des checkers on peu travailler, jabber: cyla00@xabber.org
  11. envoi un pm en jabber, on peu discuter sur un truc si tu veu qualcun pour travailler...... jabber: cyla00@xabber.org
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