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  1. Looking for mentor made a few attempts before so I'm aquainted with methodologies and terms but have been unsuccessful in getting a culls or the like and being able to use the card info to make any kind of purchases or gains have only lost money on numbers that never work or I'm doing something wrong to screw it up somehow please help.
  2. I would like to buy a cc full for WA state if possible non-vbv only please what's the pricing like?
  3. I'm well aquanted with kali and social engineer ing toolkit and I have an idea on a couple of good way to liquidate to cash just need to meet right person that has right tools
  4. I have a very diverse set of skill well adapted to enterprising ventures hmu
  5. Hit me up for WA state
  6. I would love to get some work done new to virtual carding well versed in psychology physical carding kali Linux and of course my fave SET can turn cards into cash got a personal method I came up with and haven't seen elsewhere
  7. I took a gift cards for $ 4k, sold it with good profit. Will be working
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