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  1. Legit sellers ONLY! Dont bullshit me with pictures if you are not ready to send me a card to Prove your work.
  2. How would you prove that your not a Scammer?
  3. Yo, wana talk on telegram? Follow me and send me ur id
  4. I've been trying to buy Physical cards for some time now. I've lost more money then you could guess, so by now I'm doubting the cards even exist.
  5. How is it marked? Is it stained with some kind of color? If so we could talk i can clean them....
  6. Yo, I'm interested on buying prepaid cards. Can you show me proof that ur not a scammer ?
  7. I lost allot of money because of scammers, i need a legit seller. This won't be a one time thing i will be buying cards regularly If someone actually sells them.
  8. He Hello, I'm also looking for a legit seller. How can i contact you? It seems i cant follow you here for some reason!
  9. I've been scammed before, so don't reply to this unless you can verify your product.
  10. I took asos gift cards, you have a good service here and the percentage is wonderful, I will contact you again for sure:)
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