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  1. Pm me on @Twodogs096 for a great preposition..
  2. I need access to our countries payroll system! Atleast a payroll officer's access... Whose interested we can split Profit... Btw I already have a terminal ready in the department to use if given the access...
  3. I live in Papua New Guinea and I have a I.D printing machine. I've been doing small jobs but now am tryna get into serious business. Count me in.....
  4. mangipapua


    Anyone selling a good solid RDP?
  5. I print company cheques at my hide out using magnetic Ink that goes green through the scanner in 3 commercial banks operating in our country..
  6. I was desperate for a gift to my son for New Year... Though i didnt have money WIth the help of Anubis i have much more than enough money! Thank you many times!!!!!
  7. I live in Papua New Guinea! How can I be of service?
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