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  1. Dude, I have no idea who the fuck you are. But this dog is gonna bite if I don't get some answers from outofashes213. WTF are my cards? Money?
  2. So, what's up guys? I have some bank data available that I got through my wife's work. Anyone interested?
  3. Go fuck yourself, sweetie.
  4. I can't message you dude. You not accepting messages.
  5. Anybody else wanna make some serious money with bank data?
  6. Whatever, shit for brains. I would have access to your wife's ass if she wasn't so butt-fuck ugly.
  7. Anybody here not a cop, scammer, ripper or dumbass, there's money to be made.
  8. C'mon guys. I thought you guys supposed to be hackers or something. LOL. I'm offering bank accounts and nobody serious?
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