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  1. I have bank accounts. PM me if you're interested.
  2. I can't PM you. You can PM me if you like.
  3. LOL. Okay. Be sure and post that letter for us when you get it. BTW, I'm a banker. Not a personal opinion.
  4. It's not possible in any context. Banks don't send out letters confirming account balances, because, among other things, they know that it wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on because I could transfer the entire $6 million 5 minutes after they mailed the letter. There is only one way to verify a bank account balance and it's good for maybe 5 minutes after verification.
  5. Is anyone out there good enough to cash out bank accounts?
  6. I have several commercial accounts with $6M balance but good luck getting ANY bank to send you a letter stating the balance of someone else's account. What you're proposing is impossible.
  7. I can't PM you but you can PM me.
  8. I can't dm you but you can pm me if you're interested.
  9. I need help cashing out bank accounts. If anyone has experience in this area, please pm me.
  10. I have a bank that boasts they've never been compromised and cannot be. There's a fortune to be made if you can do it. Highly experienced people only, please.
  11. I have some bank accounts with full customer and account info. Who can cash them out for me?
  12. Well, you can pm me for starters if you think you can help.
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