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  1. To shop 3d you need a CC enrroll from germany
  2. write to me in PM, I will direct you
  3. Torden

    How use escrow?

    for use escrow you need add money to your account and after that you can create new thread in escrow
  4. you should be concerned with security so an RDP would be best no matter the OS.
  5. Torden

    Some method

    u need enrolls to change billing phone number cause all good shops call on billing number to confirm ur buy.
  6. A+ Vendor With good pack keep making my team happy and i will keep promoting ur service #ALL CUCU
  7. I can help. Add me on jabber
  8. just paste track 2 on track 1 also and use at pump i do all day track 1 is simply cosmetic in situations like that basically track 1 is nothing but a name it dosent matter bro lol
  9. Torden

    Cash out cvv

    Nowadays there are only a few ways to cashout safely, and noone is giving them
  10. yeah, use RDP and debit cards and low amount
  11. Russianmarket.gs has PayPal accounts + cookies Blackpass
  12. Been running dumps through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado using Sunflower Bank dumps with good returns, been able to get 100$ Visa gift cards through Lowe's. Average 75$-80$ purchases with a few 300$+ purchases. 101 Debit Cards seem to work best with the gift cards just run them as credit and try to purchase them individually until the card gets declined. Good Luck and be smart
  13. Torden

    UK question

    I used to be on lampeduza before it went down. And was p\prominent on it.
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