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  1. sent a contact to pm
  2. the deal went through very quickly, I advise everyone!
  3. The Orenburg administration intends to contact the FSB, Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to find the authors of the anonymous telegram channels that disseminated information about the auctions for school meals. Information about the new auction was confirmed by an official document signed by an employee of the mayor's office. It was also reported that the process was initiated with the aim of attracting certain contractors to the school feeding industry. The city administration refused to comment on the information. - We consider it unacceptable to comment on rumors and inaccurate information posted on unofficial sources by anonymous authors. The situation that has developed in the information field goes not only beyond common sense, but also beyond the legal field. To protect their own rights, legitimate interests and business reputation, today the administration of the city of Orenburg will initiate appeals to the FSB authorities for the Orenburg region, the Roskomnadzor department for the Orenburg region, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Orenburg region in order to identify the authors of anonymous resources, as well as to check the legality of the placement in the official media of information that does not correspond to reality, speculation and rumors discrediting the honor and dignity of municipal employees, undermining the foundations of the state system of the Russian Federation and discrediting the work of the city mayor's office, the city administration said in a statement. We are talking about the situation with competitions for school meals. On the eve of the Internet there were reports of allegedly possible violations by the education department. In the response of the press service it is emphasized that the procedure for concluding joint tenders takes place within the framework of the current legislation.
  4. The FSB is capable of decrypting unclassified chats in Telegram, but this is not about mass surveillance of users. Igor Bederov, head of the Internet-search company, spoke about this in an interview with the all-Russian educational project Digital Journalism. According to Bederov, FSB officers can read the Telegram correspondence of specific citizens within the framework of specific criminal cases, and not all messages of all users of the messenger. As the expert explained, first, these suspects must be identified. To this end, FSB officers, who have at their disposal the phone number of the desired user tied to Telegram, can contact the telecom operator and oblige him to pass this user's traffic through special products. In particular, through the "thresher" - a special analyzer capable of detecting Telegram traffic in the flow of the user's general traffic, and "decryption" - a solution for decrypting unclassified correspondence in the messenger. According to Bederov, he personally "saw the development of decoding unclassified Telegram chats" in St. Petersburg. “As far as I know, the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not apply it at all. The FSB is silent about this, ”he added.
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