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  1. Hey so I need a document notarized from florida
  2. I’ve three accounts I’ll send you the login you mobile deposit the check
  3. I’ve 3 Accounts ready for Mobile. $125 -Max $3000 -Max $5000 -Max I need some able to print checks to help me. I’ve an active account with a shit ton of money unfortunately no printer nor check paper. If your gonna charge me for printing this, I will only pay $2.00 MAX. If you help me that’s different I’d be willing to split 50/50. I’ve until 5:00 December 16th 2019 potentially.
  4. That’s exactly what I was thinking.
  5. So I’ve tons of DL Scans and Fullz, Figured make lyft and Uber accounts and put them on ghost rides.
  6. Card a Jail. How so? And which one? Better yet HMU on telegram @Scarletjade808
  7. I recommend if you have access to a steady stream of CVV gets a rideshare app
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