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  1. I often use these services, I like everything very much, I recommend it
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    Have you succeeded? bro
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    号码:4039957449253721 日期:0919 cvv:176 name: Rachel Denson 国家:美国 州:PA 邮编:72024 城市:卡莱尔 地址:邮政信箱214
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    number:379001642771001 exp:1122 cvv:0985 name:Thomas Hanes country:US state:CA zip:90802 city:Long Beach street:4178 Kerry Way
  5. iphone received,bro, i want to give a feedback, this seller is very fast and communicative, he answer every question before purchase and his prices are very good, i will buy more items from him very soon, now i will try to sell the iphone to get some money to purchased a higher model
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