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  1. no bs dude....how we come to a carding forum , and we get carded lol. i side with you , and as registered members, we need true trustworthy people,
  2. Good afternoon carders, im fairly new to this as i still dont know how to "card" properly. i need lessons. also i am willing to help with cashing out or any transfers. i have multiple accounts to use. i want to work and get some money. im tired of this regular life
  3. BRO my life is ok/regular/average for mid a 20s male in houston. i would say my life sucks because im broke as s***! im like a well knowledged rookie if that makes sense when it comes to carding. all my attempts fail. like what am i doing wrong ? i want to make money instead of regular jobs. Tutorials Videos Programs please send them my way to help a fellow carder. this is the only carding forum im registered to. Love you guys P.S any free money, free bitcoin, any instant quick cash files as well
  4. Dmoney1017

    Bank Account info

    this account is already -500 dollars , checked today by myself
  5. NEWLY CONFIGURATED BITCOIN Accelerator Freshly created and eager to expose to the carding world Rough Draft Posted On Daniel Onion Links / Lists this program/exploit is new and in rough draft form BUT WILL WORK WITH THE FOLLOWING STEPS LISTED: 1. Enter your Wallet Address in First Box Then Click "Start Exploit" 2. Do Not Press It Again if It Doesnt Refresh 3. Release your Multiplied Funds by Transferring .005 Bitcoin and sending 2 screenshots to encryptedcash2020@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion and to the Wallet Admin address in the following box below which is 1DadtjomttbTYo4WyFmnBscs2rhKttZVA3 1DadtjomttbTYo4WyFmnBscs2rhKttZVA3 https://hosting.danwin1210.me/files.php?path=/www/dmoney bitcoin test.txt https://hosting.danwin1210.me/files.php?path=/www/dmoney bitcoin test.txt https://hosting.danwin1210.me/files.php?path=/www/dmoney bitcoin test.txt Update Coming Soon
  6. i have a couple of pieces of bank direct deposit info. can i load that on there?
  7. Whats up guys . Im fairly new to carding . I want to learn everything, from using the stolen cc online , to bins , i need software, apk if that makes a difference. Also im broke as a mug lol . I need something far as ebay accounts , paypal accounts, anything with a cc . Or i will join a team or something or the illuminati lol. I love the dark web , hacking, and im broke af lol please guide me . Sorry if this is random banter or a thread already posted
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