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  1. btw man non vbv cards how they will process and make payment if i did this :/ ?
  2. you're a fucking genuis nice one man !! whats your icq ??
  3. hey man thanks for helping !! im using vip72 ( socks5 ) and no its not blacklisted ! and i put the ip location very close to the cc holder , and its only cc's not vbv and no the website doesnt support 3dsecure . i live in tunisia and i already booked from this website and it says confirmed ( with uk cc ) with this bin 4659022 . not only hotels , also shopify websites does this many times , like some websites declines the payment for no reason not for the balance .. this never happened to me back to 2017-2018 .
  4. Hi guys , can someone please help me with this case ? i have fresh cc's live 100% but when i try to purchase elelctronics / book hotel anything 90% of them not work , thought its balance thing but no !! (2 bins infinite canada / 1 bin platinuim etc ... ) . i mean 2/10 of my cc's work i dont know why !! i order with vip and everything is good i just dont get it please help me !! is it im so unlucky that i have bad bins all the time ?? and how even the cc holders purchase online if so ?? im so confused . please help me . here's an example of the bins : 450003 451212 441240 465859 465901 446271
  5. you cant , its almost impossible , only the ip address can give you the location there is websites which gives you the zip code by ip address but its not 100% correct , maybe you just cant.
  6. check your ip if its clean in whatleaks.com or whoer.net (must be at least 90% ) , and what you mean by additional verification ?
  7. 465858 bypassed low in western union
  8. amazon and apple and ebay are no joke dude these are the hardest websites to card , when it sayas confirmed it doesnt mean its going to ship lol
  9. you need bypass and non vbv bins mostly 99% portugal bins are bypass , chile , canada , japan
  10. old school carders left big lists of non vbv bins you can find it in google or there is new private bins you dont have a specific source to get these bisn from , when you make a payment and it says processing and proceed then you save the bin , there you have a non vbv bin also by country , exemple 99% of portugal cc's are non vbv , also chile and canada if the amount is below 150 usd
  11. go to shopandship.com create an aramex drop address they will give you addresses in 14 country after you pay with cc or paypal for your life time subscription , take an american address or wherever the website ships and put fake name its not necessary to put your real name and then put the address given in your shop and ship account and NEVER forget to put the second address line which has your account code , its simply a mail forwarding company , and for online purchasing use a vpn like nordvpn / expressvpn / ipvanish or buy a socks5 like vip72 and 911.ro ( with bitcoins )
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