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  1. Ive used them to eveything was good
  2. You can but printed cards on the forum and just blank/white ones are wide spread now, you can them even from amazon, but theres a really good australian company that sells them for a good price. Just google jcorp cards and you will fine what youre looking for
  3. like physical cards to put info on or actual dumps ?
  4. its possible but you have to put more efforts into this then its worted. even coinbase you got deposit limits. my good advice is don't even think about it. yes but with same tools you can earn more.and more easy way. People dont realise that the easy way can be hardest way. Btc exchangers have very strong security on place.
  5. because hes gone atm what is there to talk about? unless u have funds there and want to dispute hes not around bro...just have to wait an see if he'll reopen his doors for us
  6. I suspect the CVV is just invalid (usual case these days if you use autoshop to buy them) or low bal/incorrect billing address or your IP/system isn't clean and is detected. The error message suggests that it could be store's problem as well but it is not likely. Maybe some one else knows better, I've never seen this exact message with any merchant I know of.
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