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  1. More than 85,000 MySQL databases obtained by hackers in cyber attacks are listed for sale on the darknet. Attackers are demanding a ransom of around $ 550 in BTC for each database. The hackers break into MySQL databases, load tables, delete originals and leave information with a ransom demand, inviting server owners to contact them and pay the ransom in BTC. Attackers set time limits to force victims to make payments quickly. “If we do not receive the ransom within the next nine days, we will sell your database to the highest bidder or otherwise use it,” reads one of the threats.
  2. Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexey Zabotkin believes that bitcoin and other crypto assets do not have the properties of money and are not a store of value. He stated that due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and the daily fluctuations in their value, digital assets can hardly be called a store of value. The deputy chairman cited bitcoin as an example, the cost of which had already repeatedly and sharply decreased. So, in early December, bitcoin fell by $ 1,700 after another attempt to overcome its historic maximum of $ 20,000. And at the end of November, the bitcoin rate completely collapsed by $ 3,000 in just a few hours, after which the leading altcoins lost about 20%. In addition, according to Zabotkin, digital tokens can be transferred from one owner to another, but cannot be a means of payment, since the issuers of digital currencies do not guarantee the stability of their issue and further circulation.
  3. We have been cooperating for a long time, the best in our business!
  4. is this the full price? all inclusive?
  5. Chapter 1. Why carding? So we have to figure out, why do we need carding to make money? Why not just learn to be an accountant, for example, or a lawyer, and then sit in an office getting your $500 a month and not sweat it. Some people think you can make a lot of money in carding. If you, my dear reader, have decided to go into carding for this reason, then I’m in a hurry to disappoint you. There’s no such thing. I’m not kidding or trying to be ironic. Carding has long ceased to be easy work. Yes, in the '90s there was this theme, the bourgeoisie sent all sorts of goods anywhere in the world on the generated map tracks. But those days are long gone. Now, carding is a world with tough rules. There’s always a standoff between shops, banks, cards, and our fellow carders. So think about it 40 times before you, the reader, decide to go into carding. There’s a lot of money here for people who actually work from the dawn to the dawn. There’s no freebies here anymore. People get money with their will and tenacity. Remember that, reader. There’s also another bad side to carding. This is a problem with the law. You steal a lot or a little, but you are a thief. As Zheglov said «The thief should sit in prison». And the police are taking care of us in some way, and they’re catching us. There’s a lot of news today about this or that case of catching the carders. If you’re not afraid to sit down, or you’re so sure of yourself, then welcome to carding. And you should also remember the golden rule, don’t steal from your own people and everything will be fine! So look only towards our beloved America. And one more thing. Remember the carder is a thief. You can call it whatever you want, but it doesn’t change the point. When you become a carder, you become a thief. And also, think of all the other aspects of carding that you’re attracted to besides money. For example, I like carding because I’m a crook in life. When I was a young man, I used to hack cars and carry magnets and stuff. I’d pull women’s purses and raise them for change. The truth then calmed down, but I realized I couldn’t live without it, so I became a carder. I like to steal. But you, my dear reader, I urge you once again to consider whether I need all of this. A lot more money for you to become an official or a politician. No one’s ever canceled a bribe. No one’s ever canceled it. And if you still think you want to be a carder. Welcome to chapter two. Chapter 2. Where to start? It’s a question of concern to all newcomers without exception. Where would carding start? From the Gulf, Rolls, Hugs, Drones, Doorbells, Drawing Documents, Stuff, Casinos, Dating? But not all of them fit the newbies. Personally, I think the newbie might be a good start in the rearview and start his first business there. So, what’s a thing? In short, it looks like this. We visit the website of the online store, select a laptop or a gold chain with a large toe thickness, pay for the data from the bourgeois card, and we get the ordered product to the post office. But as with any case, there are many nuances. One of the biggest problems is the antifroid defense. It’s a kind of special automatic system that tries to track the person entering the card and determine whether it’s a carder or the actual bourgeois. Basically, this system looks at the IP address of the customer of the country and state where he lives. So for example, we’re putting in a map of John Smith who lives in Chicago, Illinois, and the IP address shows that this man is now in Russia in the north of the Urals, or Na Sakhalin, for example. These antifroid tricks won’t work. She’s also looking at local computer settings like the language of the system, the time zone. Because it’s illogical that the bourgeois sits on a Russian vinda with a +5 time zone. So we need a well-tuned system to successfully play the card. But we don’t just need her. We also need to focus on our own safety. Imagine what a miracle you’ve done for yourself with $50,000 worth of stuff, and here the police uncles come to you because you’ve been flashing your real IP addresses everywhere and ordering all the packages to your home address. Yeah, after reading chapter two, I don’t think you want to get caught so foolishly. So we need to get maximum cover for the rear and the flank. And that’s not the only thing that’s going to be our next chapter. Chapter 3. Security. Let’s start with how to protect your real IP address from glow. One of the best solutions to date is VPN. VPN is a service that will help you remain anonymous, that will help you hide your real IP address, and will not allow you to listen to traffic. Nowadays there are a lot of offices providing services to VPN. Look for an office with a good reputation and a cheaper price, because you have to spend your start-up capital carefully. Next on the list is the juice. Actually, the juice isn’t so much for security, it’s so much for the anti-frod system to think we’re coming out of the right state. Not from anywhere in Zimbabwe... So now we’re going to talk about how to take a product that was ordered in the store. It’s out of the question to take it. It’s only for the deadliest kamikaze or emo, whatever. And we want to live, not in prison, but in freedom. So we need to find a drone. Drop is a person who will take over not only the parcel but also the visit of the cops if they arrive. Drops are breeding and non-water. Divvy drops are those who think they’re doing everything right and legally and have no idea that the product comes to them carbonated. How they talk about it is second, but they believe that I’m working on a real job, or that you brought a new plasma for Grandma and you went to another city on business. The non-water drops are the ones who know that your merchandise is left-handed and that the police can come to them at any moment. Getting a drone is pretty much a gemonic thing to do, not for beginners. So we have a clear conscience to turn to the drone. The Drosca is the man who runs the drones and gives us his drones for a fee. Usually this is a percentage of the sale of the goods or the second item in the parcel (two video cameras in the parcel). So the system is, when you pay with the card, we give the drop address and the package is sent to it, and it already sends us half of the package. So for example, he gets two laptops, one he keeps with the other he sends you. But anyway, this structure is pretty pale because they’ll take a drop by the balls and he’ll happily turn you over to the cops. There’s a way out of this. Now the drowsies are also the buyers in one person. I.e. you send him a laptop worth 1 kilo bucks and he drops 500 bucks on your WMZ purse when you receive it. This way is more convenient, etc. you don’t have to take over the goods, but you can sell them and get laundered money right away. I don’t think it’s worth remembering that drones are supposed to look for tested ones that have been around for a long time, because there’s always a chance you’ll get dumped. Work through the guarantor, calm down. Now, let’s talk about how to protect private information on the computer. We have credit card numbers, shopping tracks and other tastes. We need to put this away somewhere so it doesn’t hurt our eyes, and in case the cops come to us, we don’t have to worry about them finding something illegal on our computer. Personally, I advise you to use to store important and compromising information on the yub screw or flash drive or SD microSD card. Personally, I use a regular SD card that my laptop successfully steals. In order not to store data in open form, we need to encrypt it. We encrypt with the program Truecrypt. So, download a program from the offline site (you can also find a Russian there). The wizard chooses to encrypt the yubb device. Then choose to create a hidden volume. The hidden volume is for better protection. This is how it works. We create a cryptic partition disguised as any file. For example, a film. So if you mount a partition with a password for a normal volume then you open a regular volume, I recommend you put porn pictures there in a way that’s more robust. If you enter the password from the hidden volume then the hidden volume is mounted. The point is, if the cops find out about the encrypted partition, then you tell them a section from the regular volume and they see the porn, not the documents. A more detailed helper for this program is available on the offf site. So it’s time for you to get a detailed look at the process of making money. But first we have to configure the system. So welcome to the next chapter. Chapter 4. System Settings So to have a configured system, we need to put it somewhere. The best option is a virtual machine. For this situation Wmware is the most suitable one. Download it from offline servers or torrents. Then we put an English windmill on it (it is assumed that we will work with JUSA). After we have downloaded and put the windows on the cook (detailed instructions do not come to you, i.e. millions of them are in the Yandex), we need to configure the programs we need. Programs can be downloaded from the Internet or can be copied from the main operating system (simply click on the files, and then click in the virtual machine). So we need Truecrypt to have access to our important document repository. Here’s a little comment. If you have your encrypted container stored on a flash drive, you simply need to open the network to access it and in the guest wasp in Trukripat to point the way through the network to the container. IMPORTANT! One container cannot be mounted simultaneously on the guest and main operating systems. To mount the container in the guest room, first unmount it in the main operating system and vice versa! After configuring this app, we move to the sock preview. I personally use Proxifier_2.8 to download it by the link I gave above. To get the programs to work through the socks, start proxyfier, click options > proxy > add settings. That’s where you put the socks. The Check button is also available immediately. To hide DNS, click Option > Name Resolution > Check Choose the mode automatically > Check Remotely > OK This has been dealt with, and I also recommend downloading the Cctools program to change the idioms of the computer and names. Also download and set yourself a good browser like Opera or Firefox. Also use programms to delete temporary Internet files such as cookies, sessions, cache. Privacy Eraser Pro is a program that allows you to clean your browser history constantly. In addition to Privacy Eraser, Ccleaner also cleans the history of the browser, removes redundant files, and cleans the registry. The system has been configured, it’s ready. Welcome to the next chapter! Chapter 5. Tests For starters, I recommend you to practice on «cats». That is, on little things that would then take place on the real site without any problems. So the first thing you can do is scar yourself with a Counterstrike. To do that, you go into our virtual machine. On the main wasp we get VPN, on the guest juice by the state of the holder. You don’t need to buy credit cards for this case, but you need to look for it a little bit more cheaply or ask someone for credit. And I’ve seen a lot of credences on free CI, but I’ve seen a lot of newer ones. And then I can have a cardiac rhythm. Read more about the art in the article «Cardim to himself in pictures» (on the forum lies in the section for beginners). You can also practice swinging a card in porn. You can buy whatever cheap prog you want. You don’t have to sniff it on your computer afterwards. Burn down. If everything went well with the tests, and you’ve got some experience with the injectors, let’s look for a real job! Chapter 6. Real life To start earning on the real shops need to find these shops. We need the shops that send to a different address to the usual CC +CVV. It is the most difficult to find such shops. Enter in Google that thread of type «buy asus laptop» and start to walk on links and watch the shops. Read in the shop what you need to order, if you think the shop should send, then do so, take a credit card in the mail and write the address of the owner of some other card. T.E. has to be a real person at your address. If you are successful, you will be booked and sent to the post office. Also register mail on servers yahoo.com msn.com gmail.com, Russian mail of type mail or Yandex is moveton. Forget about this. So if the store sent you the track and the package left, congratulations! You found the sluice shop. Now go to the drone, it gives you the address of the drop. You put the package back in the name and address of the drop and go! The track that the shop gives you needs to drop the wank. Now, sit back and wait for the first money from the blackbird! Chapter 7. Conclusion... In conclusion, I would like to say that while carding is not good, it has its advantages. Learn to withstand the blows of fate, learn to sit behind a computer all day, learn to force yourself to work and learn, and everything will work out. I mean, I’ve been doing this for five years, and at the moment, I’m more than okay with it. This is the feeling of not being hurt by the height of the $ and living better!
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