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  1. I buy Bank of America and PayPal accounts
  2. Hi, Introducing the new satoshibox clone script php with which you can create your site selling digital files in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I am selling full source code for SatoshiBox Clone ! Launch your own service online ! We comeback with another full version and awesome features - SatoshiBox Clone Script PHP 2020 ! https://imgur.com/a/yyY6W7f#pVipbbh DEMO ONLINE: http://www.progweb.info/satoshiboxfull/ Telegram: https://t.me/progweb_info Quote - All features of the limited version: - Sell multiple files at once - Choose number of time you will sell your product - Expiration of the product (Hour, Day, Week, Month) - Add Password to your product in order to remove it anytime your want - Set BTC or USD price for your product - Add description for it (Optional) - Choose fees to take for each order (Percent %) - Choosing extension allowed for upload - Upload multiple files - Release payments from admin panel instead of sending automatically the payment to the seller, so you can offer a refund in case of scammers. - Member system (Sign up, Sign in, Forgot password, reset link, 2FA security page etc.) - Drag and Drop system to upload files - Dispute system to refund a scam product - Multiple payment methods (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc...) - 2FA protection for your account - Review system for product - Internal message system to contact seller or dispute a product - Auto and manual Withdrawal page - High security level (CSRF / SQLI / XSS / reCaptcha) - Share product on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) - Affiliate system for resellers - Partner page to generate a special link for an affiliated product - Statistics page for a specific box - Edition of a specific box - Responsive and customizable design (Bootstrap Twitter) - SMTP Support for emails - Customizable payment methods - Admin | Manage old and new products - Admin | Manage users (Ban/Unban/Remove all boxes) - Admin | Monitor disputed product betwenn seller/buyer - Admin | Dispute page to give right to buyer/seller - Admin | Manage reviews of buyers - And many more features included Price 30% discount during the pandemic: 700$ per license! Enter a promo code ''PROGWEB'' and get a 30% discount
  3. I do in store pick up, but u have to put pick up person name as the name i give u, let me know if u ever ibterested in working. Thanks.
  4. fucking and most importantly why?
  5. от банка который выпустил карту а не от базы зависит ,юса в снг по сей день катают
  6. Most BIN from Barclay, HSBC, Natwest work in India. If you want more info about BIN list and daily withdrawl limit in India.
  7. Its not a myth, but if youre planning to get them from a shop youre most likely will waste youre money. If you want to have success with d+p you need to obtain fresh info youre self. Shops charge way too much for them and 80% of them are dead anyway. If you want the dumps to work you need to buy the whole base after it was captured so youre the only one using it and you need to cash out the whole base within a few hours otherwise its gona die off really fast after youre gona start cashing it out. Cheers
  8. Anyone doing taxes this year hit me up
  9. I have 2020 BINDB base. I paid $2500 for it..the very hard way! Whoever needs it can pay me $500 and I'll send the excel form. Its only the BEST BIN base there is in the world!
  10. VBV is for online purchases not for dumps
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