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  1. Proof that honhonhon12 is a ripper bad biz
  2. Don’t buy from honhonhon12 he ripped me off
  3. Hit me up on telegram @paperchaser408
  4. Don’t buy from honhonhon12 he ripped me off
  5. Please write to me urgently when you are online, I lost your contact!
  6. It was the fastest ticket in my memory, no problems arose. It is Impeccable service, I have been satisfied with everything.
  7. It is a very productive figure, makes fast and high quality!
  8. I took advantage of good turn of this service, took an air ticket + hotel, I was very pleased, the seller went to the meetng repeatedly, also helped with excursions and rented a yacht. In the future I will contact only with him.
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