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  1. the credit card works?
  2. and the spy off websites works with a IBAN wich i generate from awebsite called fakeit
  3. Another shipping method works 100%, in this case i used my real adress, and the e-mail normaly appears about 2-3 minutes in your electronic mail. Sende me a message for how to explain this method
  4. emilin

    USA kill

    oh, i don't know it until you said me
  5. emilin

    USA kill

    trying it in a cardable website, failed
  6. emilin

    USA kill

    dead card bro
  7. the cc dont work at amazon
  8. hello, I'm from Spain and i want a cc with balance, but i need it free, because i haven't got a btc account
  9. emilin

    cc works 100%

    credit card working on amazon.de cc details below: Name: Emilio José Surname: Gálvez León Adress: isidoro de la cierva 2c, piso 2B City: Águilas Zip: 30880 Phone number: 644218778 cc number: 5416258212703012 Date of expiration: 04/22 CCV: 412
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