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  1. I can help you out. Hit me up.
  2. What’s the unmasked MAGIC NUMBER to call? Why does every place I look for it it’s masked? Who can share it??
  3. Also I am selling the complete set of code to parse a checker formatted file so you can Preauth a Batch of CCV. Format: cards.txt 4147205217882456|08|2024||877 4147208087616111|12|2022||453 4147208286107243|11|2021||226 4147208735740883|10|2023||166 4147201380527689|02|2021||207 4147206276847133|10|2021||182 4147205775720064|07|2023||112 4147205385551149|11|2023||232 4147205745388083|06|2022||577 The cost of script is 5$ in BTC. Email me if you want to purchase. [email
  4. Preauthorization is a means to validate the CC without killing the card. Preauthorization is a means to put a “soft” hold on the CC without actually charging the CC. The Preauth will not show up on the CC statement unless you actually capture the charge within 5-7 days. Otherwise the Preauth hold will expire. I have written a process using Stripe to Preauth a CC to validate cc number, expiration date and cvv. The process is explained below with the code in PHP. I am assuming you know how to setup a Stripe merchant account. If not then google is your friend. 1. You need to tokenize the CC function createCardToken($number,$month,$year,$cvc){ try { $token =
  5. Also check my post on how to use stripe to do Preauthorization of CC to check live or die of CC. https://carder.tv/threads/stripe-cc-preauthorization.102580/
  6. I have experience with Stripe using connected accounts (models like Uber) where the platform charges the CC and transfers the balance to the connected account. The connected account can then do an “instant pay” and send funds linked to the connected accounts bank/debit card. Funds available in 15 mins!!!! Instead of the normal platform waiting 7 days for the funds to be available! Hit me up on telegram for details! I have php code using stripe api for this as well that I will sell for 50$. @Bman579 on telegram
  7. Hey Bro. Can you cash out CCs without CCV? I have billing info, CC numbers and exp dates of a few thousand Valid private CCs. Most of these cards are corporate high value cards. Mix of visa, mc, Amex and discoverer. I have called the banks on a few to check balances and most have between $15K - 20k available credit lines! Telegraph or ICQ @Bman579
  8. Hey guys. I have a few thousands CCs with billing info. I need someone skilled in finding the CCV codes and cashing out! You keep 70% of the profit! I am a Noob looking to build skills and make money with a partnership! Anyone willing to team up? Hit me up!
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