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  1. I just realized that I have not replied to anyone who asked with the list of vendors, god I am a jerk. So PM me and I will sell it to you for $75.00.... yeah no I am kidding... I will get that list out to you now. My apologies, I saw the requests and... well I am lazy.
  2. I haven't used any UK vendors before, JokersStash used to be a lot better... unfortunately their quality has been dropping in the last few months. The most popular thing that I have encountered is vendors will be selling cards that are immediately declined with the
  3. I've used them quite a bit, they are okay... prices are a little steep in my opinion but they are really good about refunding bad cards (if you aren't full of shit and try to get refunds for good one), BriansClub was still my favorite but i am unsure of their standing post-hack, stay away from BinGoDumps that guy is a ripper and a complete jerk as well. I keep a list of good vendors and what my success rate has been with them, if you want it let me know. I have not updated it in a while since I have been hacking my own cards using SQLi
  4. Old and out dated, but so are last months methods and my wardrobe. Props on posting this for everything though, it's good to know this foundational stuff. My 2 cents, not that anyone cares, but if you are new on your game and don't know what to do, I wouldn't recommend trying any of that unless you wanna lose a shit tone of money. Also, make sure that puppy is virus scanned, the last time I installed the Fraud Bible I wanted to take a glock to the side of my PC.... thank god I only ran it in VirtualBox.
  5. I've worked with a lot of CVV/dump shops and vendors over the years, I like to get excited about the new ones and I am always trying to give people a shot. Eventually with each one, some kind of issue arises, in the normal operations of business this is no surprise, you can't keep everyone happy right? As it is with carding, every now and then you buy a CVV/Dump and when you get it it's dead. My process when I get cards is to either purchase with the SSN or purchase the SSN from SSN24.me immediately after, and then verify the funds by using skype to call the number for the bank who issues the card. You can find the number for the bank by searching the bin number on any bin checker, usually the bank will ask you for a card number and the last 4 of the social security number (I always buy Capital One Cards because this is all they ask me for) and then it will tell you the balance of the card. Now, if the card is dead, first it gives you a little announcement "Just so you know, this card has been deactivated as of <some date> due to fraudulent activity, we will use your new account number to tell you your balance" and then I know that the card is already dead. When this happens, and I should mention that it has happened with every CVV/DUMP vendor that I have used in the past, I go to the dump vendor and i kindly ask that my money is refunded so that I can purchase another one. There are a few reasons why this has always worked for me: My refund % is low, I am not getting refunds to scam vendors I spend a lot, on average I spend about 5k a month with CVV vendors, you see carding is my primary source of income and because of that.... My reputation is important to me, there isn't a vendor out there who would say that I have ever defrauded them out of anything. Typically the process goes something like this.... Purchased card is found to be dead. I provide my evidence to the vendor of the site, note, I do this within 5-10 mins of purchasing the card ALWAYS The vendor may ask me a question or two to clarify A refund is provided to me within 1 hour of when the vendor says that they will. I had a recent experience with the admin of BinGoDumps, rather then share my personal feelings I thought it would be a better idea to post the conversation thread between the two of us and allow you all to form your own opinion. If there was something I could have done differently I would welcome the feedback. I remember when I started out carding, I lost a lot lot lot of money to making mistakes, and to fraudulent people in the industry. I hope that by posting this, I avoid someone losing money.... I will send a link to this posting to the admin of the site, so that they may provide whatever feedback they desire as well. I have colored my messages in bold blue and the admins in bold green, aside from this formating change I have made no changes to this conversation thread, it was copied directly from their ticket system. 2019-12-27 18:54:52 Me Hello, you turned down my refund request for Order #3619783. I see that your reason is because it had a card code of do not honor. 2019-12-27 18:57:18 Me If you call 18009557070 and enter that card number, plus the last 4 of the social security number the recording will tell you that the account has been closed due to theft for a few weeks, considering I purchased it today that makes it impossible that I busted the card. This is the second time that I have purchased a card from you guys that was already busted and the second time that you have used this do not honor code as your rationale for not refunding it. 2019-12-27 18:58:54 Me You can see that I had the card barely 5 minutes, you can call yourself and check the date if you like. But 50.00 worth of bad cards without the ability to explain why I want a refund (when I am just going to turn around and spend it on your site anyway) is enough for me to take my business else where. I have been your customer for 2 weeks and I have spent about 400 dollars on your site. You make your own decision what you would like to do. 2019-12-28 03:18:08 Bingodumps_admin Hello sir. I don't call anywhere. Im using try2services.cm to see the bank response. If the card was closed, the decline code would be invalid card number / expired / no such issuer / no account / hold / pick up / call or something like that. But it's not. I read about 50 simillar stories about closed accounts daily and they never confirms with any other checking methods. That's why I don't trust calls. You need refund? ok. Order #3619783 refunded but do not tell me about the desire to take the business somewhere else. Nobody forces you to buy here. Typically, customers leave without warning. I sell good stuff sir. You know it. And Im always refund dead cards. You know it as well. 2019-12-28 07:58:23 Me Then please refund that order, because it was a bad card. I can't find the previous one that you said the same thing about so I guess I will forfeit that one. if you are having so many people tell you the same story every day then maybe you should contact the person who wrote try2services.com and see if they have a resolution because I am certainly not making it up. If you wont call yourself then I am happy to record the message and send it to you, it's from Capital One, the bank that issues the card, so I would trust it. 2019-12-28 08:21:54 Bingodumps_admin " if you are having so many people tell you the same story every day then maybe you should contact" I tol you - I check my stuff before add it to my shop. Better check your BINs and methods. 2019-12-28 08:44:46 Bingodumps_admin And also buy from fresh bases. I do updates every day right at 10.00AM NY. 2019-12-28 20:56:43 Me So what you are saying is that your customers who provide you with money, cash flow, and keep your business running are liars and the vendors who are also dependent on and will only exist because of your customers are more trustworthy? I am glad we got that clear, it doesn't change the fact that what I purchased was a card, from you, that was already reported stolen, and how do I know? I called the bank number, the people who are in charge of actually declining or approving the card, not some software company, the actually end say-all authority of it. Somehow this doesn't seem to register to you, but I see now that it's because I am a liar and your vendors are the only ones to trust. Well, hopefully you sir are trustworthy yourself, and will return my money to me that I have in your mind mislead you about. That would be two orders actually, one for 20.00 and one for 30.00. You have told me you would return it and you have not done so. 2019-12-29 03:09:38 Bingodumps_admin "So what you are saying is that your customers who provide you with money, cash flow, and keep your business running are liars" First. I'm talking to you. About your Orders. Do not exaggerate your significance. I mentioned other clients just to explain to you that your story is not unique, that it is not confirmed by other verification methods. This means that you should check your methods and BINs. Second - your card wasn't reported stolen. I gave you a checker which I used. No one used that card except you and cadholder. Refund was rejected. Questions? 2019-12-29 03:20:12 Bingodumps_admin Address is real, ZIP is real, Address match ZIP and that ZIP was specified buy cardholder. Do you understand what I'm leading to? How did you check that card anyway??? 2019-12-29 13:52:39 Me So now you are refusing a refund, after you sold me a worthless card, which I have provided you the evidence to see that your checker is in fact not working, and you don't even put any effort into checking. Even though I have spent over 200 a week in your shop since I have created your account. Okay, well I am active in carding forums online and If you are going to be a rip off vendor to me, then I am sure you have been a rip off vendor to others as well. I will make sure that they all have a place to talk about the money you have stolen from the carding community and anyone who is looking for a vendor and comes to the advice of our threads will view this conversation between us. Good luck on your business ripper. Aside from a follow up message inviting them to participate in this conversation I have had not other interactions with this vendor. I would like to note that, the majority of the products I have purchased from this vendor, I have been satisfied with the results, I would mention that their prices ranging from $20 - $30 is nearly double what I have paid with other vendors which I won't list here because I don't want this thread to be confused as a plug written to attract business to other vendors. We all can choose whatever vendor we like, but if you are going to pay twice as much for products that are generally the same, you would expect to get better service, as this is what we are accustomed to.
  6. When you are logging in, how do you get around the OTP or 2FA verification since the site does not recognize the device?
  7. I use a method on AirBNB almost daily, DM me if you want info.
  8. When you are logging in, how do you get around the OTP or 2FA verification since the site does not recognize the device?
  9. I use a method on AirBNB almost daily, DM me if you want info.
  10. PM Me, I am interested in them
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