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  1. Do you have a link? That would be so cool if you did!
  2. Link? Great job!, but uh Why did I get a notification when I'm not in this post? Lol.
  3. Can anyone help me hack a Local Bitcoin Account?. It has a bunch of funds within it, I will give you screenshot of account, to show you what I mean by lots of balance. And, you will hack it for me. We spilt the amount inside the account 50/50, then once we get hold of the funds for it, you can keep the account. But I want to make sure I can trust you, that you will give me my cut. It has a lot of bitcoin, good reputation, and is a verified account. Message me as soon as possible, I want to get into this account before next week. Please message me ONLY if you agree you will send me my cut of the Bitcoin, and that I can trust you, please message me this is very very urgent. Thanks!
  4. Active account, 2019 active. Bank is Santander Totta Bank. It comes with all nesscary information for international bank wire/ transfers, I am in the process of getting the username and access code (password) from them right now, and I am pretty sure I can get it soon. If you feel interested in this bank account for purchase, please message me ASAP, I am only selling to someone once. The price is super cheap considering the balance. I showed the bank log in page first, cause once you log in it shows the name and username at the top of the screen in the right hand corner, and I don't want someone else taking this account for me. If you are interested, message me fast. Thanks!
  5. Okay well then message me if you ever wanted to purchase one of my cards.
  6. I am not in India right now, but I can help you out. Super cheap. I have information (active, 2019) information for HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card, INDUSLND Bank Platinum Card info, The JetAirWays American Express Credit Card Info, or I also have the IndianOil Citi Platinum Card, ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit card. AND even Yatra SBI Credit Cards Info I just got yesterday. Are you still looking?. Super Super Cheap, if you can do Bitcoin that is. Please message me if you want any of these, I can give a max of 10 Cards to you for first purchase. 10 Credit cards, cost $125 Bitcoin. So what comes with the card, (clear photos, not the blur versions I'm sending you. I attached a photo of it for you, please message me right now if you want to buy. I will give you 10 of these cards (including back pictures, a PDF guide of how to use it, how to use it and stay safe when using the card). Message ME ASAP before they are gone.
  7. Yes. Only for paying customers! I am trying to grow my reputation/ reaction score upon this website. I beileve I am more trust worthy, but my prices are low. You can always message me if you have questions. I have ICQ, Telegram for paying customers and email if needed.
  8. Hello do you still need help? Is it for Carding/ CC releated, or do you need someone to purchase tickets for you? I can purchase tickets for you, For 100 you only have to pay $100 Bitcoin or if you can't pay that amount we can negotiate. If you are still looking for help, you can message me on here. And I don't need your email. Just start a conversation with me (after you follow me, then you can do this idk why but that's how it is on the site). I try to message back within 24 hours. Or if you need active CC information or carding information for countries/ Canada/ UK/US/ etc I can help out there to. Message me if you like if you still need help.
  9. (Please mind my proof blur job/version upon the image I attached. I just want to make it wouldn't be shown/ etc, you probably know what I mean. So say, I have a payment within my paypal and I have access to the last 4 digits of the MasterCard. Obviously, it is active and running, and is even active in 2019, this is from a payment I got a while ago on one of my dummy accounts I have set up, (Obviously, I am not going to use my real personal account), oh yeah, if you want dummy accounts. I can message you how as well in exchange for helping me out. Never use your real address or email for the account, if you are moving money in/out, just a tip. Okay so really, this is a screenshot, and on the top there it says MasterCard then the rest of the card numbers are labeled XXX Etc. I have blocked out the other two numbers just in case there is a way to do this. The numbers I allowed to show is 59. Now I know this is probably not possible, however. Is there anyway once so ever that I could possibly find out the rest of the numbers from this transaction? Anyway to find out the full card number? What do you think? (No dumb answers please, it was just a thought I had and wanted to ask). Thanks!
  10. Hello Like the title/ subject says above I am aware of how to load accounts, but I was cuiorus about how I would be able to open a bank account (specifically Chase Bank, BECU, JP Morgan Bank and one Canada bank) without bank visit. How do I strictly do this online?, including using the name I want for the account. I was needing tools/ someone who can actually tell me step by step and with pictures (if possible) of how to do this. After you have clearly have informed me and given me the tools/ information needed to do this. I will send you the amount of $2K USD or Canadian to your account. But only after. (I know how to load accounts, I want to see how I can create a bank account strictly online from my computer without bank visit.). This is very urgent, I wanted to open three bank accounts for my name of choice for BECU, Chase Bank and JP Morgan Bank. And also maybe TD bank. Is this possbile? I have one person telling me on gmail that it is, but I am heistant since they won't tell me how I can do this without paying upfront. So if you knew how to do this and had either a US or Canada bank account ONLY that I could load AFTER you help me, please message me back ASAP so we can begin. (Follow me, then message me!!) I need help urgently!!!.
  11. Yes very true. Selfie with the ID (hell maybe even both of them) would work better for something like this. You can also use there information to get accounts verified (online, etc). Maybe. But yeah sell it if you can.
  12. Identity fraud. Take their information (Like information from their Passport drivers License etc), and use it to get a ID (a fake id from a seller on black market etc) and have them create these ID's for you. You can probably use these ID's to create false bank accounts, gain access to credit cards (to max out all in that person's name) but you need proof of address. (There are ultity bill templates and I'm sure if you ask the right person they can make these for you). You can easily gain money from it, that is if you know what to do and to not be stupid about what you are doing and what you purchase.
  13. I am in the process, I am contacting people but won't be able to do anything till a little later. (Its only 9:40am here). I am also looking for job's that I can do for you, for a small upfront fee. Please start a private conversation with me if possible for what you need. ) . Looking for carding jobs, cash out jobs etc, prices are as low as $150 Bitcoin. Interseted?, please message me so we can start!
  14. (So yes you can) it is safe just a different email provider. For a cheap price upfront, I can get you what you need. Do you mean you have credit/debit card information etc, or what do you mean?, I work for cheap upfront payment in Bitcoin. I can get you the full amount of whatever you have (whatever information you have I am just saying an example) and I will make a easy how to guide for you if you want for a tiny bit extra. Including how to do it yourself!, after you payed me and messaged me, you summit a image (attach files) in a post on this thread to 'verify' my job I did for you. Super Cheap prices, I can even tell me how if you follow me and start a message with me/ conversation me (also called private messaging) so we can begin. I apologies for late response! I am currently responding back to everyone who messaged me and emailed me. Sorry it took so long! I am from Canada looking to help out others. This information you have, is it from US or Canada?? (I only benefit from US or Canada information OR if you can pay me upfront in Bitcoin the total amount of money you have will all be sent to you including how to do it yourself. (Hope that makes sense)
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