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  1. as the title says i got a private PayPal cash out method I'll take care of the cards and everything all i need to a verified account to trasnfer the funds to. Its a really simple task for u, i'll take care of the hard work. we'll split 50% 50% I'll provide Screenshots in private. Drop ur Telegram below and ill add u. what are u waiting for
  2. Basically i want to know if it’s more safe to buy a raspberry pi, use socks on that wit a mac changer and only use it with public wifi thats about 30km from my hometown? Do i need a VPN too and what VPN do i use for carding?
  3. yea got good bins here bro just let me know what country you need and inbox me
  4. Hello i got one good site inbox me
  5. sent my telegram
  6. 5 years of booking experience
  7. maybe he is huting for freebies lol
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