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  1. Excellent service, traveled with Okul support, was very satisfied
  2. Cityboi223 you just saved my live You are a fcking hero
  3. Tested fews accounts but nothing worked
  4. Okay i'm sorry for wasted your time... But thanks btw for inform us! PATCHED DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD!!!
  5. I'm sorry but i never tried this method yet! I just found this PDF in another Forum. Try with very low balance and if the method work or not let us know please thanks!
  6. Do you followed every steps correcly? I never said that would 100% work so don't tell that it's a scam.
  7. I tested my link and it's not dead
  8. This method will learn you how to gain 300$ per day with G2A refund method! I don't know if it still works or not so let us knows by replying this post! If you enjoyed this share, please let me know by dropping a like! (PLEASE USE VPN FOR YOUR SECURITY!) https://anonfile.com/jaC7B513n0/g2a_duping_pdf If exploit code's links are deads, let me know, i will give you by PM! Enjoy
  9. Pas de quoi! (Évite juste de mettre ta vraie tête en PDP)
  10. Hahaha pas de problème kardeş!
  11. Pour ceux qui veulent je peut vendre un tuto entier pour créer une vraie CNI PHYSIQUE
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