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  1. About Me. My contact email for serious minded partners is; FreeDom_OnlineWebShop@protonmail.com where you can contact me with any email you have, (Hot mail, Gmail, Yahoo, ETC) Proton Mail is just the email service I like to use because it is safe and secure. You can contact me their with your email if you want to purchase one of my services. Make sure you follow all the requirement’s below and are ready for a service!. I am located in a city within Canada so please keep in mind time zone differences, I also kindly ask you for your patience as I am the single player here and have no team. (I work by myself just me here) so I focus on 1 - 5 messages at a time in order to keep up the business/ to make sure I am able to contact you back within a good time. My transfers cannot be cancelled or reversed so make sure the price/amount you want is what you paid for, as I only give refunds for certain occasions and if are absolutely nesscary/ or if there is a problem on my end. Why do I do this? (You are probably thinking, I know you are) If you can truly do this then why aren’t you just taking the profit for yourself? it doesn’t make any sense. Actually to answer this question is truly simple and it is a good thing you asked this! It shows how you know about fakers or etc. The REASON I did this isn’t for scammers, frauder’s or someone like that, personally for me I make a lot (I am not rich but plan to be soon!) but anyway’s I know how difficult it can be for people to get Bitcoin without ID - or rather a LARGE amount - without ID and how much of it is a pain. Especially when your country doesn’t have a easy way to get Bitcoin without causing any harm to yourself. This is the reason I do this. If you have partners I give you a referral number for example; 00012 and when people message me with this referral number (the one I give custom to you) you get a small bonus in Bitcoin which also makes me different from others as well!. Depending on the account, limit of the account I can do up to 3 large transfers a week. If you have lots of friends/ know of lots of good referrals imagine the amount of money you can make!. (With no risk to you or your identity) It is a good deal with me to be honest and upfront about if you are serious about this. I can do weekly or monthly transfers to you without investing or trading in scam or fraud websites that take your Bitcoin but don’t pay you out as big as you want, or maybe you don’t want to pay the ridicaolousy high fees of having a Bitcoin Miner(s) in your home that cost more then you earn. (This is also a pain) How your Bitcoin/Crypto will be safe. I run the Bitcoin from certain company account’s (Big investor company account’s) among others including through several dummy account’s, I also use a secure VPN Pin + Proton VPN Pin AND Tor before moving the Bitcoin into my client account’s. Before they reach your account the Bitcoin’s will be put into TWO - THREE Bitcoin Mixer’s before two final dummy account’s - this to protect myself, the Bitcoin and including you the client!. By the time they reach you it will be clean Bitcoin and you will be able to use for illegal/legal purpose (I do not care nor judge of why you need the Bitcoin or what you want to buy it with) If you want to buy services, weed/drug’s / passports/ counterfeits etc I do NOT JUDGE YOU. As long as you don’t judge or say anything bad about me, I won’t say anything bad about you either!. You need the Bitcoin?, then you get the Bitcoin. I do not care why. I am here strictly for business as I hope you are to!. All I ask is for you to trust me, after you pay me and I run the above procedures you will get your clean Bitcoin within 24 - 48 hours. Then once you receive it please comment underneath this post with a screenshot and written on paper ‘FreeDom_OnlineWebShop@protonmail.com’ so that scammers, faker(s) etc cannot use my proof as their own. This also called a ‘vouch’ upon this website!. Important + Requirements. (MUST READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME) For the people who message me please take into consideration of myself and being the only worker here. I answer all the messages and do all the transfers. I will not do free transfers, or beggar’s. Or people talking shit to me begging me to help them without getting anything in return, I have got scammed before as well so it just not you. People take the money then block me and tell me they have never got it. When clearly if I look at the transaction on BlockChain.com with their address (If it is a BlockChain account) it clearly show’s the transaction amount + the amount he/she/etc received and report me for doing nothing. Before you do anything rash, stupid or dumb please wait 24 hour’s before reporting. As I explained before I have do certain thing’s to make sure no one ever knows the amount’s or somehow find you. As I do not want to put you at risk. Wait 24 hour’s or MAXIMUM 48 hour’s to receive your Bitcoin!. IMPORTANT!!!!!* Sometimes I say ‘wow’ to people who clearly do not read this step as it at the top it is clearly important!. Be understanding to my one man job here please, this isn’t all I do either so don’t get offended if I don’t respond to you right away!. I will also NOT take; - People who do not know what Bitcoin is. Doesn’t know how to buy Bitcoin. Doesn’t know how to send Bitcoin, Use BlockChain or how to create a address. Can’t afford to pay me upfront. Beggar’s. Scammers/Fakers. You can’t afford the transfer. You are a time waster. You are not ready to proceed. I do NOT ask a lot from you, I am not asking for personal information about you such as your name, address of location etc. So please do not act like this or to act stupid. I do not care if it’s true or not, but clearly I am NOT stupid. If you are untrue to me and give me the wrong Bitcoin address that is simply your fault not mine, so don’t bother to blame me for something YOU did. Solve your OWN problems before you waste MY time. ONLY CONTACT ME WHEN YOU ARE READY!!!! How to contact me . Follow Me, + Like this post THEN message me/click send pm near my avatar. Requirement’s for Bitcoin Transfer. Your Bitcoin Wallet/Address. (). Your Email. (). Highest you have ever received. (). Lowest you have ever received. (). Do you or a third party own the account. Yes or No. Personal account? Yes or No. Is the account older then 2 weeks?. Yes or No. Is the account older then 1 month/ETC. Yes or No. Country of origin. (Country of where you are from) You are READY to send me full amount in Bitcoin and to receive the transfer instantly. (Or within 24 hour’s depending on country) AFTER YOU Message me with all of the CORRECT Information ABOVE, I WILL SEND YOU A CUSTOM REFERRAL NUMBER!. What do you need to do to check for the Bitcoin in your account? Wait 30 Min’s to a hour before logging into your account again. Once you log in, go to activity and or see the amount in your Bitcoin wallet/ receive a notification to your phone/laptop/email etc. Step 2. Use your Bitcoin for illegal/legal purposes at your wishes! I do NOT and WILL NOT be held responsible for any of the action’s you use your Bitcoin for, both illegal and legal purposes. No ties to anyone or I do not INFLUENCE anyone who does any of these services/ wild and diverse services upon or off the dark web / ‘Tor’ . Limit’s. For smaller account’s with no recent transaction history a transfer of around $700 - $1K Bitcoin is the the limit. (For first time and small account’s) . (Three times per week) For bigger account’s with some/lot’s of transaction history a transfer of around $5K - higher Bitcoin is the limit. (Twice per week) Prices. (+Minimum) NO ID IS NEEDED!. MINMUM Prices. $550 Bitcoin for a transfer of $900 Bitcoin. $900 Bitcoin for a transfer of $1K Bitcoin. $975 Bitcoin for a transfer of $1.1K Bitcoin. $1K Bitcoin for a transfer of $2K Bitcoin. $2.5K Bitcoin for a transfer of $5K Bitcoin. $3.5K Bitcoin for a transfer of $5.5K Bitcoin. For higher transfers of higher then $5.5K Bitcoin please contact me with the amount you want, and the price you are paying upfront. Please keep in mind the prices I have gave you!. Payment Methods. Strictly Bitcoin. (LiteCoin, Ether taken but only for high paying clients) Terms and Conditions. All deals are FINAL, you will get your funds from 24 - 48 hours. Please be patient. Don’t contact me to beg me for a free service from me, this is not taken lightly and stupid to ask someone. You cannot back out once you pay me, I only will give you a refund if you desperately need it/ the amount doesn’t show up within your account within the maximum time of 48 hours. Please wait 48 hours before contacting me, transferring these large amount’s take a little bit to confirm. Once you pay me my cut, you will get your Bitcoin either instantly, within 24 hours or maximum 48 hours just please be patient and wait before doing anything rash!. * I DO NOT HAVE TELEGRAM. CONTACT ME ON MY EMAIL OR UPON THIS WEBSITE ONLY!!!! * End of Post.
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