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  1. Idk how to use icq let me make an account. It's US
  2. I Have all all the fullz for the account just need help cashing out the rest. Will split with anyone legit that won't rip me off. anyone interested pm me.
  3. Hey my dude I have fullz one a good account. Pm me.
  4. Hey my dude I have fullz one a good account. Pm me.
  5. My wife and I can. She's great at opening accounts!
  6. The seller is great. I have been working with him for a long time. Last time I and 4 other people lived in Cyprus in a good hotel. As always, everything is top!
  7. I used the Okul service. I needed a full package flight to 4 people, two hotels and a flight back. Spain was chosen, hotels for my price category and an air tickets were selected. As a gift, the seller made a round-trip transfer. Everything went smoothly at work, there were small issues that were immediately resolved, and Okul was almost always in touch. By communication Okul is not verbose, but everything is clear and to the point. In general, I can recommend Okul as a master of his craft.
  8. It was very pleasant to get a discount for the second transfer Thanks Anubis I will come back soon
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