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  1. I found a site with good reviews the ONLY thing holding me up is the ICQ: format of the registration incorrect. Who knows the proper way to enter?
  2. I tried it. Kinda stressful. Gotta catch the 15 min login system, top up/ maintain activity/ balance, be active x amount of times or get charged. If you not active w it like eryday, you lose yo profile
  3. Anybody ever copped a debit w high amount? I figure ita be easier to punch w cashapp method or Zelle. You if got sumn fa me, telegram: beejayx6 icq: beejay
  4. Yea bro. fullz means FULL INFO. Cc, cvv, exp, ssn, phone, dob, email, MMN( mother’s maiden name ), ip, addy, issuer bank, type, credit or debit, zip, state
  5. I gave this bin/type I’ve been readin up on a slide Wed night, & Friday mornin BEFORE 9am, my 70” was at my drop...PUNCH. Upon further research & another slide, I landed on a GREAT method. I didn even have a vpn a couple days I just used tor lmaaao but I got one now. More to come.
  6. After hella T/E on Friday, I found a slider. Struck all weekend. I did it twice more yesterday [ Monday ] + I pulled some short shit from PP. If you interested telegram: beejayx6 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5715343004&photo_id=502179270098 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5715343004&photo_id=502179270289
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