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  1. Telegram me Rellio718 I wanna get a credit card like yours
  2. Idek what you talking bout g hmu if u tryna work doe
  3. Who can deposit fake checks into a discover account?
  4. Followed you follow back so I can pm
  5. The debit card I have only has 500 daily limit , is there a way I can cashout more than what the limit is?
  6. I have thousands in a discover account, but Everytime I try to purchase it gets declined what's the problem ? If someone can legit help me get cash out I'll give u money I have pics of the account also if u need proof
  7. I have the mobile banking so either or
  8. Any one do transfers ? I have a Chase acc and discover acc. Only want 40%
  9. Follow back so I can message u or u message me
  10. I have discover account, 25000 daily deposit limit, hmu if u can deposit GOOD checks, we can make good money pm me if interested
  11. Dumb bitch u really thought u was gone scam me
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