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  1. I'm at the point where I honestly don't care much and doubt much greatness comes with it. However, do y'all need a mule to hit atms if so I'll do it and give you 50-70%. I'm down to cash checks and not snap any necks. H0ll4 Choices4- tel
  2. Ill help and I got 3 or 4 verified of my own with biz, Markets, Here etc Just lmk
  3. I got 6 phone lines dedicated to false people with true history if makes any sense haha.....but ya I got ya
  4. I can create probably six different ones if how new they are doesn't matter just because I have six different identities i know very well
  5. Bro I think I fuckedup and got em banned through eBay. I'm sorry man I'm literally hungry af right now and don't have laptop didn't think it would effect my PayPal bc of the ebay PayPal split recently. However I'm working this scam in my head to blame it on someone else. Them idiots fall for anything if you keep them distracted from topic. But yah I doubt you'd even want them. I'll give ya my exes identity hahhahaha.
  6. So if have my Personal I'll sell ya. 2 diff accts.. 10 years old with eBay attached the last couple months as a premium seller in the PayPal is deathly business class with pay here and all that I'm in desperate need of money I'll even do verifications for you if you ever need it
  7. Ill help and I got 3 or 4 verified of my own with biz, Markets, Here etc Just lmk
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