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  1. Dumps are used just if you want to make a clone of the card, can't be used for online purchases. Read the guide of phisical carding in the beginner section. There are many stores that sell dumps, my favourites are: jstash.bazar (best) Omerta - The World Is Yours 21 Dump Street Empire Market
  2. Hi y'all, i have a question about how to cash out a cloned card... If i understood correctly with the MSR you just write the dump on the magnetic strip but what about the chip? Nowdays every store requires a chip to pay for something, so if I just clone the magnetic strip where do I cash out with the dummy blank? My card won't be accepted anywhere right? What is the point of cloning a card than?
  3. I’m interested can you please share it?
  4. I’m interested can you please share it?
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