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  1. Did you get something mate? i see that you ask in many post. Follow me if you want and we can help each other
  2. Okay mate i will.But i will BUMP due I would like to listen more opinions.Thanks
  3. Guys, after many hours of searching and learning, i still not clear what to buy, a PHYSICAL cc or just online like a FULLZ. I want to say that my point is to get money, either cash or online throught transfers, im dont want to buy stuff. 1º Option: I cannot find info about what exactly happends when you go a ATM to cash out. But my idea was, just order a CC, go to any ATM at the night with a mask and cash out some money. It would work? Why the people is not doing this? Everyone is talking about Dumps and complicated methods, but i dont see people talking about cash out in ATM. So normally nobody is going to chase you, unless your doing too often, same area, and big ammounts. It is mostly like that? mainly cover your face and thats it? What happend when you take out money from ATM, the owner get noticed always? how long it takes? 2º The other option would be, get a FULLZ, buy bit coins with the credic card, and later on sell it, so the money is
  4. You have some tutorials what to do in this forum, just search properly mate
  5. Hey mate, could you share those vendors? I would like to buy just 1 to try, but i found from 99$ up to 250$ with the same characteristics so... Also i have to say that i have been doing a looong search and filtering about places, so they should be trustable but is suspect that they have different prices, i dont want to spend 250$ and fail
  6. Man that question is so generic, it looks like you didnt spend a bit of time surfing on internet
  7. Agregame a telegram si quieres y me cuentas mas. Stimer12
  8. No he conseguido ni mierda xd,me retiro de esto
  9. Alguien de España? Soy novato asi que por ahora no puedo aportar mucho, solo agregar a gente para ayudarnos, compartir información y si surgiera trabajar juntos
  10. Any answer? scam? please share, we are many trying t ofind a trustable place
  11. SIngleMom did you got something? I would like to ear yes finally, becouse no one can get a shit
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