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  1. What do you mean by prepaid cards? Is that different from credit /debit card?
  2. So this is only inside Germany? any methods to provide outside of Germany?
  3. How can we know you will not vanish after sending BTC?
  4. I'm interested too. Dropped you a message
  5. I'm looking for a partner for MT103/202 (swift code transaction method) transaction. Receiver should be able to manually download the funds to the account through the help of the bank manager and server admin. If you can do please tell us we can send an agreement and start the job quickly.
  6. acid

    HSBC Account

    I have an HSBC account in Hongkong. Anyone trying to cashout money needs to Swift transfer to this account and will divide it. Pm or ICQ - pussyeater
  7. Can cashout any cards through POS terminal. If interested PM me
  8. If you want to cash any type of money, you have to do a bank wire transfer. I will give a bank account number. After the transaction I will cashout the money and return yours. You can wire transfer any types of money.
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