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  1. How should I go by cashing out at atm. Is it even real these days
  2. Is a msr 605x good for cloning cards?
  3. You have to fry the emv chip to make the atm read just the magnetic strip
  4. Dont waste your time you're Better off making them yourself
  5. If its not it might be region blocked
  6. When you buy the d p is it in your state?
  7. Its really not when you start seeing the reward in that case this whole game is too much work
  8. Nope i used to work at walmart they used to tell us to do this when the chip system was down but now being on the other side it make sense that someone did this
  9. Vbvcheck.com put in the bin # if the bank pops up its varified. If no bank pops up it not varified
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