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  1. Nah some vanilla cards are embossed to where if you try to scratch the numbers it’ll scratch most of the cards
  2. What kind of card can I use? Most cards I see are already embossed, so where can I get non embossed cards rather than getting a all white card that looks like a fake.
  3. If you can keep it I’ll but it for 80-90 bro
  4. Or get some acetone let it sit in and just wipe of with a butter knife or Brillo pad
  5. Bruh the res tutorials on the site that’s show you
  6. Yo follow me back so I can PM you. I need tutorial too
  7. Yo follow me so I can PM you, I need lessons too
  8. Yo, I’d like to talk with ya my icq is @Juuwosuuwo
  9. Yo could you PM me? I’ve been needing some advice
  10. I can’t message me on icq or telegram @Juuwosuuwo
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