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  1. Are you interested in doing Cash App loading work?. (For me?). We spilt 50/50.
  2. Good luck. Do you have any update?
  3. Have you received them yet?
  4. Al1Air

    New Here!

    Hello I am new here on this site like the title says. Is there any tips or advice you can give me? That would be super great!
  5. Like the title of the topic/thread states, I have verified PayPal account (That is my own). It is older then a couple days/ maybe even a week. And I needed someone who can load it easily, fast, and simply. (Basically meaning no charge backs to my account). If you can load it without charge backs please let me know ASAP, I will send you either 60% of the amount, or even 50% of the amount depending on how much you want. If you needed to trust me, you can send me $400 as a test, I will send you the full amount of $400. After you see I am actually being legit here and came through, you can load bigger amounts to the account AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I do not want to wait very long, if you message me please be ready to load the account right away. I will be sending you the email address for the account. Please message me back ASAP! URGENT!
  6. What about Verified PayPal Accounts?. I am fine with 60/40. (You 60%, me 40%). I really need someone legit, can I message you on ICQ or here??. I'd prefer USD currency to the account. Can you do no charge backs?, I need loader ASAP/ URGENT.
  7. I believe you can purchase a phone number online 'virtual phone number', for example type 'virtual phone number usa' or 'virtual phone number uk' depending where you are. You should be able to find one. Using them for free won't work, trust me I tried lol. I haven't dived into purchasing a virtual phone number yet but they seem legit. You can also go to your app store (I have Iphone, so if you have android Google Play Store) search for 'SMS' or something similar to find what you are looking for.
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