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  1. keeps saying 403 forbidden any tips?
  2. Hell yeah anybody you know that's willing to do that's a free 50 everytime
  3. Go to blockchain.com, and register and create a new wallet with your real information. Once created, you will see a button to claim free Stellar XLM if you verify your account. Follow the steps (requires you to take a picture of you, your ID, and you holding your ID next to your face). Wait for your account to get verified, it should only take about 5 minutes, and you will receive $50 in XLM. Then, just press the swap button and swap the XLM to BTC. Simple and fast!
  4. Can someone direct me to where the liquid payment option is? I have items ready to purchase but no liquid payment option
  5. can someone help me translate to english? i can't understand french at all
  6. No you won't wtf that's just your invite link, stop commenting bullshit on my post before i report you
  7. If you gone advertise on my post the least you can do is leave a like lol
  8. (No investment needed) If you haven't already, create a coinbase wallet and a blockchain wallet. Once that's done, follow this link https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/k8r3m5hn. You will be prompted to watch 5 videos about Stellar XLM, and each video gives you $2 of XLM. After that you'll get an invite code to share, then you have to get 4 people to do the same thing and complete at least one lesson and you get $10 per person. Once you get the XLM, just send it to your blockchain wallet and swap it to BTC and there you go. Of course it won't be exactly $50 but you get the gist. Pm me for more methods I won't tax you lmao
  9. Just followed you. follow back so we can talk in Pm
  10. Look I just need somebody willing to help me find a good cc vendor and a solid method to cash em out, I'll break you off every one I get if you can just help me get my foot in the door, I already been scammed hella times cause it's nearly impossible to find anybody with good intentions and I'm down to my last. Literally willing to exclusive partners just need somebody else whos trying to earn and not get over on me. Any help is appreciated
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