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  1. HMU bro. Let’s get this bread
  2. Yes sir. Just shoot email bro
  3. Hello everyone. Thanks for the ones that buy from me. For everyone else, I’m still in business if you’re looking for a partner. Real CC with pins, they can also be used at atms or in store. They come pre-loaded with ATLEAST $1,000 each. Each card is $100. Holidays are coming up, I do have holiday specials. For more info feel free to contact me [email
  4. Hi Everyone! I’ve recently started back making CC and IDs. Had to stop business because too many people in my area knew that I sold cards. And too much attention is bad attention. But I just bought a new place and I’m ready to get back selling. Just to so you know , these are REAL cards being mailed to you. I use my mag strip writer to write stolen CC data onto the cards. They can be used anywhere, in any store. Just swipe and go. When I ship the card, I will include a PIN number to use for atm use. The card have a atm daily limit of $300. I will emboss the card with any name you wish. Just be sure to tell me before I ship it. Each card is guaranteed to have at least $1000. Some may have more because. I’m human and I also make mistakes sometimes. Price for 1 card is $100, 2 for $175, 3 for $225, 5 for $325, and 10 for $500. The cards are mailed discreetly worldwide using priority mail with tracking numbers. I can send it with express shipping for additional $15. For IDs, all of my ids come scannable! They contain original hologram and UV, and micro print and laser engraving. Before purchasing I will need you to send a CLEAR faceshot. I will photoshop the photo and add it to your id. Price for my ids are $100 for 1 and $150 for 2. Looking forward to doing business with you guys! Any questions feel free to contact me
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