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  1. Mars


    this is a sample of my full carding guide and methods. I sell it for $15.
  2. Mars


    Hi, this is a cc to btc method, easy, you just need valid cc's, enjoy CC to Bitcoin WORKING METHOD STEP 1. First you will need valid cc (I can provide or go on empire, there are some good vendors) STEP 2. Once you get your cards, next you will need to open account on http://adfoc.us/?refid=463014. When you have account there, this site will pay you in BITCOIN, you'll see how, make sure you add your BTC address in settings. STEP 3. Now you will need to SHRINK any link where you want to send TRAFFIC. This is how you will get paid from this site ! More people will click on our SHRINKED URL more $$$ you will EARN, I will show you from which sites we will BUY traffic. STEP 4. Now when you have SHRINKED your URL it should look similar to this : http://adfoc.us/4630141 If you have link like this the you are good to go. Now you must send a lot of TRAFFIC to this link and you'll get paid in BITCOIN, Buy TRAFFIC on these sites : www.traffic-masters.net www.webtrafficgeek.com www.ultimatewebtraffic.com These three sites has very easy carding merchants. Always start small, order traffic and then order bigger packages ! Always be creative and search for new traffic sources, this will SCALE you daily profits. ONCE YOU MASTER THIS METHOD YOU CAN MAKE $2000 A DAY EASY NO BS !
  3. If you want I pm you, just follow me I sell full guide with cc to btc, PayPal to btc, how to set up your pc for successful carding, tuto videos and some methods for cash out cc
  4. I know a legit site for prepaid cards I bought twice and received my cards, follow me then I Can pm you the link
  5. Envoie moi un mp je t'ai follow
  6. I know a place for buy prepaid cards I already bought here PM me
  7. if you need cc's go on empire market
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