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  1. do you mind telling me where did you get the fullz from?
  2. Anyone know a legit dump site that comes with pins ??
  3. take prepaid cards from stores that arent embossed yet bro, scratch the numbers off with hand sanitizer and a quarter then emboss your own numbers
  4. Im gonna swipe instore for my first time any tips ? Do i purchase something little to see if the card goes thru or just go straight to a regular purchase like 200$ worth ? And whats better credit or debit dumps ?
  5. How can i fry the chip without having a nokia charger ?
  6. Is it easy swiping best buy or do they ask for id n such
  7. What code is typically better to use on dumos ? 101 or 201 ? Whats the difference
  8. there is dumps with pins on there but im not sure if they work or not
  9. Can anyone vouch for http://trump-dmps.ru/login/ Are the dumps legit with pin?
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