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  1. i have non vbv bins that work best hitting with good balance ..... they pass without securirty or bank alert chenxui@gmaill.com @chenyiang
  2. If credit cards why not send me a text and lets know hot to go about it .... i have credit cards non vbv best bin for usa that hits good for online purchase .. they pass without security or bank verifications ...... you can alert my inbox if you wanna deal escrow .... you welcome
  3. i have credit card with good balance they are non vbv that pass without security or verification ... you can lert me with bins you need chenxui785@gmail.com i refund if card not work ... hope to hear from you cheers
  4. send me a text !!! do you accept escrow? you pay for the middle service !!! chenxui785@gmail.com
  5. send me a text .... lets get to talk and see what you can if you are goin to be honest chenxui785@gmail.com
  6. send me a text send me a text and lets talk chenxui785@gmail.com
  7. which country card you need? i have non vbv that pass without security or bank confirmation .... they got good balance .... i refund if card not worked tooo chenxyui785@gmail.com 652096803
  8. Do you deal escrow ? if yes send me a pm ... but you will pay for middle man service chenxui785@gmail.com
  9. how long your methods takes to cashout ? do you work vbv or non vbv ?
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