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  1. PixLoad is a specialized utility that can easily generate a load in BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc. It is possible to work with both default files and arbitrary ones. Installation: apt install lingd-perl libimage-exiftool-perl-libstring-crx32-perl git clone https://github.com/chinarulezzz/pixload.git cd pixload Theory: When working with default files, during subsequent generation, such a file will be overwritten. If there is already a downloaded file, then indicate its name at the output, thereby the load will be written into it. Using: BMP: ./bmp.pl -output file.bmp DQT: ./jpl.pl -place DQT -output file.jpg COM: /jpg.pl -place COM -output file.jpg PNG: ./png.pl -output file.png
  2. Greetings! This article will give you a detailed description of four great services that will automate all your processes as much as possible and save you valuable time. Take it! Smart sender logo-3-300x138.png Smart Sender is a platform for increasing sales and customer loyalty on autopilot using chatbots and instant messengers. At the moment, the only one where 72% of messenger users open the application daily. This allows you to communicate with clients wherever it is convenient for them through any of the most popular instant messengers: WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, VKontakte, Telegram, Viber, Skype. Key features: Reducing the cost of attracting new and retaining old customers. Using quick capture and conversion of leads. Increase engagement with chatbots. Increased customer loyalty is guaranteed through the messenger. Payment system connection. Adding a product and promoting it inside the messenger. Without the need to create a landing page or store. Using an autoresponder and your chatbot will automatically answer the vast majority of questions from your customers, without the need to involve live operators for this. bf3e0acda1da99b5ab146.png Tariffs: There is a trial period. Base of 1,000 subscribers - $ 10 per month. 5,000 subscribers - $ 45 per month. 50,000 subscribers - $ 250 per month. PRO bills are billed from your subscriber count. Contacts and social networks: Fb: https://www.facebook.com/smartsendercom Telegram: https://t.me/smartsendercom Fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/493648987868730/ BоtHelp logo_bothelp_white.png BоtHelp is a convenient platform for mailing lists, auto funnels and chat bots in messengers in social networks. Attracting 2 times more customers through instant messengers: WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, VKontakte, Telegram, Viber, Skype. Key features: For sales and customer acquisition. Conversion of cold traffic from social networks. Conversion up to 70% and collection of e-mail and phone numbers of customers directly in the messenger. Fully automatic without manual correspondence. Manual mailings and automatic message threads. Sending useful content and special offers with fantastic message open rates up to 80%. Tariffs: Up to 1,000 subscribers - from 990 rubles. / month Up to 50,000 subscribers - 19,990 rubles. / month (Savings for 12 months - 95,880 rubles / month). Up to 500,000 subscribers - 99,990 rubles. / month (Savings for 12 months - 479,880 rubles / month). Non-cash. for legal entities persons. - from 96,000 rubles. in 6 months up to 480,000 rubles. in 6 months Social network: Vk: https://vk.com/bothelpio Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bothelpru/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCxSQL7bXe95WaNDw2GkAFA Contacts: E-mail: (hidden) Ma nyChat 49629950-0-Asset-1-300x98.png ManyChat is a platform that allows a business to communicate with customers through popular instant messengers: VKontakte, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp. We will be connecting Viber soon. ManyChat integrates all messengers into a single interface and helps you correspond with a large number of clients at once. We provide a single window in which employees can respond to all customer messages, regardless of which messenger they came from. At the moment, the only one: Now Manybot is the largest platform for creating bots in Telegram, administrators have created more than 100 thousand bots and now we send 17 million messages a day. a9e5844dc3c86215a4049.png In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” Key features: Automation. The answer to a large number of questions that the system can answer itself. ManyChat will be able to handle requests automatically. Development of a system for automating orders. The bot can ask all the necessary questions, form an order and send it to the control system. The monetization mechanism is based on the number of connected operators. ManyChat gives businesses an unlimited number of chats, connected channels and messages. Tariffs: Trial - 0 $, PRO - 1 month. from $ 10, up to $ 145. Contacts: Form on the website: manychat.com/login?return=%2Fsupport In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” Leeloo.ai logo-3-2-300x121.png Leeloo.ai is a platform for comprehensive automation of the customer journey from the first click to regular sales. Allows you to automate key business processes of customer acquisition, support, sales using chat bots in messengers and artificial intelligence. Key features: Internet marketing reads us up to 20 different tools and advertising channels. Text ads in search results. Flashing media-contextual banners and advertising posts in social networks. Lead Generation Tool (LGT) that paves the way for the customer in the sales tunnel. One-click user subscription. Sales tunnel, with customer card system. Reading data (first name, last name, messenger, etc.). Smart mailings of warming content. LEELOO turns cold traffic into long-term buyers. Payment system. Communication of CRM with a cash accounting system allows automating cash accounting. Tariffs: Economy - 1045 € (2 months) Premium - 1495 € (6 months) Business - 2240 € (12 months) First Class - 3885 € (20 months) Social networks and contacts: Telegram: https://t.me/LEELOOAi_ChatBot Conclusion Tools to make things easier never go in the way. Don't be afraid to try something new and unknown in your business. Everyone has arrived!
  3. The Origin Protocol decentralized finance project has been hacked. Hackers attacked the Origin Dollar (OUSD) vault and were able to withdraw various cryptocurrencies with a total value of more than $ 7 million. According to co-founder of the project Matthew Liu, the team is now trying to find out which vulnerability the attackers were using. Most likely, we are talking about some type of attack using instant loans. The hackers were able to get $ 5.5 million in ETH and $ 2.2 million in DAI. Liu said he was not sure about the possibility of a refund. “To the hacker: we ask you to do the right thing and return the funds. You have already demonstrated your skill in hacking, we will gladly hire you as a security consultant. If you return all funds, we will not pursue you in any way. We ask you to think about the hundreds of innocent people you have harmed and return the funds, ”Liu wrote. Also, the co-founder of Origin Protocol stressed that the hacker acted from the outside and the hacking was not the result of internal fraud. Note that the DeFi projects Akropolis and Value were recently hacked.
  4. To launch Ethereum 2.0 on December 1, 524,000 ETH must be blocked in staking a week before the update. To date, only 18% of the required amount has been collected - 98 112 ETH. According to Dune Analytics, only 98,112 ETH are blocked in the Ethereum 2.0 escrow contract. According to Ethereum Foundation developer Danny Ryan, for Ethereum 2.0 to launch on December 1, 524,288 ETH must be deposited into a deposit contract by November 24. The bulk of the ETH for staking came through transfers from large coin holders. For example, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sent 3,200 ETH for staking in Ethereum 2.0. The unknown owner of bb84d966c09264ce9a2104a4a20bb378369986db has blocked 17 088 ETH for staking. According to a blog post written by Danny Ryan, the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Block will only be created if the required amount of ETH is locked into the contract seven days prior to launch.
  5. To perform a high-quality penetration test of wireless access points, you need to purchase a pair of USB Wi-Fi adapters with suitable chips and modify them. Connect directional external antennas for wardriving instead of the standard ones and increase the transmitter power by increasing the txpower value. The hidden name of the wireless network and the filtering of clients by MAC addresses are weak in preventing hacking. The SSID and suitable addresses from the "white list" are easy to find out by simply waiting for the next handshake or immediately performing a deauthorization attack. We will talk about how to find out the name of the hidden WiFi network and how to bypass MAC filtering in this article. How to find the name of a hidden WiFi network The wireless network name (SSID or ESSID) is sometimes hidden to protect it. Indeed, this is how neophytes are cut off and the flow of those wishing to connect to the AP is noticeably reduced: if the target is not visible, many do not attack it. However, finding out the SSID is quite simple: this information is constantly broadcast on the air. Each client indicates in the handshake the network name (SSID), its digital identifier (BSSID, usually the same as the MAC AP) and its MAC address. Therefore, a deauthorization attack is successfully used to find out the SSID of hidden networks. If we manage to intercept the handshake when a legal client connects to the selected access point, then we will immediately find out its name. It is enough to write a simple command and wait. airodump-ng wlan1 It is assumed that your wardriving adapter is defined as wlan1, its power has already been increased, and it itself is switched to monitor mode. If not yet, then just knock it down (ifconfig wlan1 down), and airodump-ng will put it into monitor mode by itself. It will take indefinitely for a handshake, so let's speed up the process. Let's open a second terminal window and send a broadcast deauthorization command in it, forcing all clients of the selected AP to reconnect and shout its SSID for the whole air. aireplay-ng -0 5 -a D8: FE: E3: XX: XX: XX wlan1 With this command, we sent five deauth packets to all clients of the access point with the MAC address D8: FE: E3: and so on (I hide part of the address, as usual, enjoying paranoia). The result was not long in coming. Almost immediately, the name of the network appeared in the main window of airodump-ng. While it was hidden, its length was displayed instead of a name (in this example, six characters). How to bypass filtering by M AC-address Additionally, admins create white lists of wireless devices, allowing only devices with specific MAC addresses to connect. In MAC filtering mode, the access point will refuse authorization to third-party devices, even if the correct password is received from them. However, something else is important to us: if the client device has connected to the selected access point, then it is guaranteed to be in its "white list". All that remains is to kick it away from the target AP and assign that (openly broadcast) MAC address to your Wi-Fi adapter. In order to have time to connect instead of a trusted device, it is better to run the deauthorization command in parallel in another terminal window and send them from the second dongle. This is how it looks in stages on the AP from the example above. Raise the power of the adapter, mask its MAC address and put it into monitor mode. We listen to the broadcast: airodump-ng wlan1 The table will display the access points and the MAC addresses of the clients connected to them (see the STATION column opposite the required AP). We assign this MAC address to one of our dongles: macchanger --mac = 64: DB: 43: XX: XX: XX wlan1 From the second adapter helmet deauthorization packages: aireplay-ng -0 5 -a D8: FE: E3: XX: XX: XX wlan1 We connect with the first adapter as soon as the real client is cut off from the AP. That's all. Now you know how to find out the SSID of the hidden network and find out the client's MAC addresses.
  6. In this article I will tell you about how you can be found, how to resist this, along the way describing the algorithms for the operation of proxies, VPNs and other means of anonymization in the most simple language possible. This is necessary for understanding, so as not to burden anyone with professional slang and complex terms that can be omitted or replaced with simple analogues. 1. How VPN and SSH tunnels work. VPN and SSH tunnel are very similar things in the algorithm of work. The tunnels are even called the VPN for the poor. It all works like this: when you connect to a VPN, an encrypted communication channel is created, and all data on the VPN is transmitted encrypted using the SSL 1/2/3 version. Maybe you can even find a VPN with TLS encryption on the Internet. And every time you press Enter in the address bar of your browser, the request is sent not to the site you entered in the address bar, but encrypted to the VPN. There it is decrypted and executed, and the result (the page in the browser, the VPN works for all requests to the network from all applications on the computer) is sent to you. Similar to the proxy principle. This is it. VPN acts as an encrypted proxy server between you and all internet connections on your PC. 2. Dedik, VPN is not a means of anonymity. A lot of people think that by connecting to hide.me's VPN, they are becoming wild anonymous. Well, it is not clever to ruin their wet fantasies, but this is unlikely to save them from the zone. The fact is that almost all VPNs on the Internet keep logs, which they will happily give out to their comrade major. Simply because providing VPN services is a business. And when you have citizens in uniform, you have to fulfill their requirements in order to keep the opportunity to continue doing business. For example, are you sure that the person who provides VPN services, his company and he himself is located in another country? Are you sure that the power structures of your country do not have power over the VPN chief? And now the same thing, but about the moderator, or the technical worker of this VPN? But what about the option when the special services and the police themselves open such a site for the provision of VPN services in the course of operational search or preventive measures? I do not even mention the possibility that the server with the VPN has a vulnerability, or the admin of this service is generally so stupid that he sends logs not just by an official decree, but even by email or phone call. Yes, it happens. Actually, all the same applies to dediks, so I mentioned them in the subtitle. 3. VPN without logs and cleaning logs on Dedicated Server. It's no secret that different VPN services are being promoted in different illegal forums, which promise no logs. First, you can check this only if you have the server IP and password from the root user. But even here there is a problem that the VPN provider keeps the logs, and so does your Internet provider. By law it is necessary. With Dediks, in fact, the same persimmon. Only there the factor is added that you will never know the exact number of places where logs are written on your specific server, whether there is some hidden pool there, and whether logs are written above the Dedicated Server itself. And no software that "cleans the logs after you exit" will help you. 4. How the police will find you hiding behind a VPN or VDS. To begin with, when they establish the IP from which the alleged crime was, they look from which country this IP is. If not from yours, then during COPM they find out the IP address that, in a given period of time, sent packets (the same encrypted ones that I talked about in the VPN subheading) to the IP address from which there was a violation. So, if the offense was committed by an inexperienced user, then almost direct evidence appears against him at this moment. Then the matter is small - ask the provider's logs regarding the suspect, study them, and conduct the arrest. 5. Hacking SSL. SSL encryption, which is used by almost all VPNs and tunnels, has been cracked. This means that the traffic that you drive through the VPN can no longer be considered encrypted at all, and anonymity is lost. 6. TOR. Many are trying to solve all the problems of TOP. And there are a number of problems here. I would say diagnoses. And the name of this diagnosis is illiteracy. Firstly, you will never hide from the site that you are sitting through the TOP, the bulbous network is open, and the browser settings are also scorching you. The second is that the TOP output nodes are often logged by the holders of these same nodes. I just want to say that using the TOP all your authorization data (from a bitcoin wallet, for example) I can easily steal. Or blackmail you with the content of your requests that you sent from TOP. You didn’t enter funny pictures through an onion browser, right? The principle of operation of the TOP is similar to an onion, which is why there is not a hammer on the logo, but a bow. Requests through the TOP browser are transmitted from 1 relay (the principle of relaying to the TOP is similar to the principle of cellular towers for GSM operators, these are ordinary computers of activists that allowed TOP to use their computer as an intermediate or even an end point in multilayer TOP requests. Such computers are called nodes, or repeaters). From your computer, it flew to node number 21323, from it to 284, then to 3289, then to 9819, then to 13981 and so on, a lot of layers, different countries of the world. In the end, your request for Comrade Major is lost somewhere among these nodes and countries, and he no longer has the authority and desire to unravel it further. The principle of the bulb. Have you caught up? And of course, in this network of onion layers, there is a layer that is the last one. That is, a layer that sends a request to the Internet and returns it to you. This "layer" is called an output repeater. And he receives already decrypted data, that is, your logins and passwords in clear text. Well, or at least your cookies. All this is very often collected and people make money from it. 7. Fingerprints. Different good and not so good sites have a bunch of ways to identify your computer, even when you clear all cookies, reinstall your browser 20 times, and generally enter through a virtual machine. All of these things are called fingerprints. For example, the unique number of your processor. This is the simplest. And then there are font-based fingerprints, and I've even seen a fingerprint somewhere that identifies users by a computer mouse. They all have different reaction rates and other parameters. I don't remember all the details, but if you're interested, google it. Besides all these things, there is also such an unpleasant thing as the LSO Cookie. These are the cookies of your Flash plugin in your browser. The fact is that the sites you visit are recorded not only in your history, but also in the online bank with such cookies, and you can also be identified by them. And then there is the Ever cookie, these are the "eternal" cookies that hide in more places on your computer and are quite difficult to delete. 8. Double VPN. A VPN chain may not consist of one VPN server to which you are connected, but of two, three, four (these are Double, Triple, Quadro - respectively) connections. They are more stable, and they are no longer affected by the trick described in paragraph 4, when the police simply looked at the IP from which the IP VPN was entered and figured out who was hiding behind it. Want to get away from the Internet? Then there are tougher methods that need to be applied in particularly critical situations. While some people are tempted by online fame, it can be a burden for others. It is not always possible to completely remove yourself from the Internet, but by following this instruction, you can definitely be close to it. 1. Think carefully about your decision before continuing. Much of what is suggested below cannot be undone. This means that you will lose all information and traces of your online presence, and in some cases you will not even be able to restore your account using the same name and email address. These are drastic measures, they must be applied in essence. Think about what made you come to this decision? Was it because of individuals haunting you online? Was it a single unpleasant experience? Or do you feel an excess of it in your life? Make sure you have a complete understanding of the problem before proceeding with the solution. Are there other aspects related to this issue, such as using a different mailbox than the main one? For example, if your current email address creates unpleasant associations on the Internet, could you create a separate inbox for purely business use, such as sending a resume, creating professional accounts, etc.? In fact, you may not even remember all the sites that you once registered with. 2. Delete your accounts. As mentioned, you may not remember all the sites you registered with. The more popular a site is, the more effective it is to remove your personal information from it if you are trying to disappear from the Internet. It doesn't necessarily clear the deep web's memory of you, but it's a good start. The following list should help you identify your priorities: Remove yourself from VK, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Delete your google account Delete your eBay account and any other online auction site. Remove yourself from Avito, Yula and any other "flea market". Delete your account on the school, college or university website, but only if you are not already studying there. Remove information about yourself from all gaming sites. Yes, this includes all the virtual assets that you have won and accumulated over the years. Give all your belongings to the people who need them, if this is provided by the site rules. 3. Look for workarounds in cases where the account cannot be deleted. The rules of some sites do not allow you to completely delete your account, suggesting instead simply “deactivate” (while all your data remains in the system) or abandon it. If there is a real reason for deletion (for example, witness protection), contact the site creator or its administrators; as a last resort, you should be able to change your first and last name to hide your identity. If there is no one to stand up for you, there is another way: Remove any truthful information about yourself from your account. If it is impossible to leave the fields empty (or you suspect that your data is still saved somewhere), replace them with frankly dummy (Vasily Oppenheimer, Jr.) or hopelessly trite (Vasya Pupkin) options. You should not associate your abandoned page with some poor fellow whose name matches the one you specified. Please note that if you enter a non-existent email address, the system will send a confirmation request there, so this option will not work. This pushes us to the next step. Create a new email account on the free site. The less the login looks like your real name, the better (for example: (hidden) Also, do not provide true information. Do not close this page; if the email address is really that awkward, you may not remember it later. Link the account you are not deleting with the new mailbox. Confirm the request to change your email address. When the data is changed, make sure that your primary email address is no longer displayed anywhere in this account. Delete your new box. Your non-deletion account is now linked to a non-existent email address. There is always a chance that someone will choose this particular login (hidden) for email and want to create an account on the same site. Confusion will then begin, but this most likely will not worry you much. 4. Close your personal pages. If you have created sites on the network, you will have to delete them completely. This includes: Blogs. If you had a popular blog, remember that snippets from it may already have been scattered across the Internet. There is nothing you can do about it. Blogs on social networks. Many sites offer blogging as an additional registration option; do not forget about this if you have once created such a blog. Groups like Ning, Gro.ups, Yahoo Groups, etc. How well you manage to leave these groups depends on the rest of the members. Forum publications. This may be nearly impossible on some sites, but try your best. Articles that you have added to specialized sites. Success will depend on the terms and conditions of those sites. 5. Check to see if you are listed on the telephone company customer list. If so, ask them to completely delete your data. Do the same for other customer databases on the network that may contain your name and other information. 6. Cancel all mailings to your email. This should be fairly simple and can be done by clicking on the direct link provided in the body of the email. Follow individual instructions. If you cannot find such instructions, contact the site administrators directly. 7. Delete Internet search results related to you. Search for different variations of your name or nickname to find anything you might have forgotten, and manually delete it. Remember that search engines display cached data (including mentions of you) from old pages that have already been changed or deleted; it is not in the interests of the search engine to display expired information in the results, so over time they will disappear. In some cases, however, you will have to contact the search engine administrators directly for expedited removal. Be prepared that removing yourself from the search engine results may require more thorough work, including paperwork in the real world (for example, faxes, etc. to verify your identity). Top search engines and people finder you should check out: Google Yandex Search Mail.ru Yahoo Bing White Pages Intelius Yahoo People Search Acxiom People Finder Zaba Search 8. Be polite. Even if you are driven by anger, fear, or annoyance, do not let this affect the tone of your communication with website managers. They are the same people and will respond to a reasonable request for good reasons. If you want to remove the mention of your name because you are looking for work, say so; so they will at least know that you have a real reason. Avoid high-pitched conversations, legal threats (unless they refuse to cooperate, and you are actually willing to do so) or other hard-hitting ways of doing business. 9. Consider using the services of a company that specializes in removing information from the network. If you do not want to go through this entire process yourself, you could use the services of a service that will do all the work for you. You will have to pay, of course, but that makes sense if the problem requires immediate attention. Look for a service that: Able to remove information about you from the deep web, not just the main sites. (Preferable) has agreements with data providers. 10. Delete your email account. The removal method will depend on whether you are using a paid or free service. If you decide to take such extreme measures, wait until you complete all the other steps described in this article, as you may still need your email while performing them. If the service is free (for example, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), delete the mail, following the instructions on the site. If the service is paid, contact the appropriate company for instructions. Even fully electronic organizations must be run by living people who can be contacted. Some free e-mail boxes are automatically deleted after a certain period of non-use. Before deleting your email, always check for important information that is worth keeping. Transfer all the necessary materials to a USB flash drive or using another method of storing information. 11. Clean your computer. Delete all browsing history, cookies, cache, etc. Delete your internet browser if you are so categorical. Get rid of your computer if you're willing to go to these extreme measures. 12. Accept that you cannot delete everything. There may be some things that you can't do anything about. In such cases, it is best to accept everything as it is. If the echoes of your virtual life haunt you, you can always pretend it's not you (especially if you have a very common name). You should be aware that in the following cases, deleting mentions of yourself will be extremely difficult to accomplish: Mentioning you in news, blogs, audio files, etc. Comments left by you anywhere. Your photos uploaded by other users to their albums. Photos taken by you and ended up on other people's websites or in someone's blogs. Information from government sources that provide for the lawful provision of public data (unless there is a court order to remove such information). Advice : There are special programs that will help you remove information about yourself from various sites. Find them online. Using a "whois" service or a domain search engine, you can determine who owns a particular website, so you know who to contact when needed. This is especially useful when the site does not include the owner's email address. Look for "admin email" and "database server" in the above information. If your desire to remove yourself from the web is based on addiction, you might be better off trying to get rid of it than the Internet. Check out the following articles: Get Rid of Internet Addiction How to overcome addiction If you are really bothered by spreading your name and personal information online, and you are not sure what to do, seek help and advice from a private rights organization such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). If the problem is that there is false or libelous information about you online, seek the advice of a legal practitioner. Contact the Google webmasters to remove certain pages and sites from search results. Be prepared to explain the reason. Change your name. The advantage is that someone who recognizes you under the new name will not seek information about you using the old one. But everyone you knew before knows you by your old name. Moreover, changing the first or last name will entail difficulties with the execution of business, legal and other official documents. This is not a perfect solution. Warnings: Expect some developers to grumble and insist on their "right" to keep public information free for general access. Some of them simply do not want to look at the issue from a different angle and take it as a personal insult. Be persistent and seek legal advice if necessary. Some sites use mailing lists to try to push you emotionally and make you stay. Phrases such as "all your friends will lose sight of you" are aimed at making you think twice; after all, the site doesn't want to lose a customer in you. If you hesitate, take out the photos of your real friends, lay them out in front of you on the table, click on the "Delete" button on the site and call your friends, invite them to have a drink and chat. So you will deal with all doubts. Remember the rule "what once gets into the network will stay there forever." Be careful in choosing the information you are going to share on the Internet. The best treatment is prevention.
  7. Hello! Well, tell me. Downloaded a special browser, rolled up your sleeves and put on a black hood? But still you don't feel safe? And rightly so. I'll tell you some simple rules to stay anonymous. Today we'll talk specifically about the TOR browser. Every year, the number of anonymous browsers is growing like mushrooms, but among them, OH is in the top. Despite the high ratings, the program has its own shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Let's go in order 1.Do not use personal social accounts. networks I do not recommend logging into your personal account on Vkontakte, Facebook or any other social network. Any anonymity system has its flaws. Online anonymity software can hide the IP address and location, but large social. networks and do not need this information. They already know the user, his friends, 2. Do not go to accounts that you use without Tor Be aware that the following data is saved in the server log on each visit: Client IP address / location. Date and time of the request. The specific addresses of the requested pages. HTTP code. The number of bytes transferred to the user. User's browser agent. You can issue your account even with a single authorization through a connection that is not protected by Tor, from a real IP address. As a result, such single mistakes lead to dire consequences. 3. Do not log into online banking or payment systems Also, I do not recommend going to an online bank or payment systems (Qiwi, YandexMoney, PayPal, etc.). In most payment systems, using Tor entails an account freeze due to "suspicious activity". The reason is that hackers sometimes use Tor for fraudulent activities. 4. Don't send sensitive data without finished encryption Tor's most vulnerable point is exit nodes, they can be eavesdropped on communications and mediated attacks (i.e. when a third party secretly participates in relaying or changes the way data is transmitted between two users), even if you use HTTPS. Therefore, the only way out is to use finished encryption. DeepWeb 5. Don't use the same digital identity for too long The longer you use the same nickname, the more likely you are to stumble and give yourself away. As soon as the attacker has such an opportunity, he will be able to study the history and all activity under this pseudonym. Create new digital identities and stop using old ones. 6. Do not stay logged in to social networks and other accounts longer than necessary Reduce the time of authorization in social. networks and other services associated with accounts to the absolutely necessary minimum. After logging out of your account, it is safe to change the Tor chain. This is necessary because many websites have social media integration buttons. Therefore, if the user remains authorized in any service, then these buttons tell the owner of the service to visit the site. 7. Do not use a regular browser and Tor at the same time Using both a non-Tor browser and a Tor Browser at the same time, you risk one day to confuse them and get burned. When using clearnet and Tor at the same time, there are also risks of simultaneous connections to the server via anonymous and non-anonymous channels. The user can never feel safe visiting the same page at the same time. Many different sites are hosted in the same cloud. Services like Google Analytics are featured on most sites and therefore see many anonymous and non-anonymous connections. DeepWeb 8. Do not share your link first Never be the first to advertise your anonymous project! The more the personalities are separated from each other, the better. 9. Don't open random files and links If you have been sent a file of any type or a link to a file, be careful regardless of the file format. The sender, mailbox, account or key could be compromised, and the file or link could be specially prepared to infect the user's system when opened in a standard application. 10. Don't use mobile phone verification Many websites ask for a mobile phone number when you use Tor. In no case do not give out this information only if you have some kind of alternative like a virtual number. Any phone numbers will be logged. The SIM card will most likely be tied to the user. Even if not, receiving SMS will give you the location. You can try to buy a SIM card anonymously, but the risk is still the phone. If the SIM card is purchased anonymously, but the phone is not, then there will be no anonymity, because the two serial numbers will be linked together. There are two options: 1) Buy anonymously a SIM card and a phone, go away from home, receive an SMS and immediately turn off the phone. 2) Use online services to receive SMS messages, but many of these services are not suitable for some websites and applications. Finally, I want to say that the most effective way to stay anonymous is to use multiple means of anonymity together, not just Tor Browser. Monitor your online habits closely and be careful. We are not calling anyone for anything. This article is written for informational purposes only!
  8. Hello! I write here all the time about surveillance and wiretapping. And it may seem to you that I'm still paranoid. But don't jump to conclusions. I just know a little more than you, so I fear for my data a little more. Do not worry, I will gladly share this info with you. After all, you understand that with the development of technology, the number of tracking methods is also growing. We will talk about this today. 1. Gyroscope Modern phones have a bunch of different sensors that improve the interface of smartphones. In general they are useful, but sometimes they can accidentally leak information about you. And no, I'm not talking about a microphone, camera or GPS right now. Their privacy holes are obvious and I have spoken about them many times, and indeed about wiretapping. Ever heard of gyroscope and accelerometer? These are small microcircuits built into the phone that are responsible for the position of the screen. When you turn the phone over, the screen changes with it. So, these miracle sensors can spy on you. Access to the gyroscope and accelerometer allows: identifying the user by the pattern of his walking, reading the characters entered from the keyboard. Moreover, you can not only shoot what a person writes on his smartphone. You can also find out what the person is typing on the keyboard next to which the phone is. But the gyroscope can be used as a microphone and listen to conversations. Yes, there will be strong interference, but you can filter it out. And if the application requests access to the microphone, camera and GPS, then the gyroscope always works. 2. Battery Yes, it's good to be paranoid - you say. What does the battery have to do with it? Calm down, I'll explain everything now! Do you know how your phone understands that it needs to stop charging and that the battery has reached 100%? It's easier than it sounds. The battery has a built-in microcomputer that communicates with the charger and mobile phone. The smart battery, or rather its built-in "smart battery management system" (SBS), can be completely reprogrammed. This is control over control. If a hacker can reprogram how SBS works, he can take control of the phone itself. Because the battery communicates with the operating system through a "trusted channel". Trust me, if you own the software, you own the entire phone. 3. Still battery or its functions Platforms like Android and IOS can see how much power is left on your phone. This is done, of course, to save charging. This infa is considered safe, so applications do not ask for permission to access it. What is the threat? By just reading the energy consumption for a few minutes, the user's location of this smartphone can be determined. The bottom line is that the rate at which a phone is discharged strongly depends on the distance of cell towers and the presence of natural or artificial obstacles such as mountains or buildings. Phone power consumption data is extremely noisy due to the many components and applications that consume power at the same time. Nevertheless, thanks to modern machine learning algorithms, it is possible to weed them out and successfully determine the location of the smartphone. 4. Wi-Fi can read lips Wi-Fi signals can see the movement and location of people and hear their conversations - even those who do not have any electronics with them. Recently, a system called WiKey has appeared, which can track the smallest movements of your fingers and determine what you are typing on the keyboard. WiKey can recognize typed sentences with 93.5% accuracy. To do this, you just need a regular router and a special code. And another group of researchers has unveiled technology that can hear what people are saying by analyzing Wi-Fi signals reflected by lip movement. The system can lip-read words with 91% accuracy if one person speaks, and with 74% accuracy if three speak at the same time. In any case, a lot depends on the training of these networks. The better you program them, the more reliable they will reflect the information. So, soon Wi-Fi can completely replace surveillance cameras. And we won't even know about it. Trust me, our state will not miss this opportunity! 5. RFID beacons RFID is tiny computer chips that are now smaller than a grain of sand - one solid left. How do you like the robbers who walk in the city center with a scanner and look for the microchipped documents of citizens from rich countries in order to rob them? But this is already a reality, since with the help of inexpensive special equipment RFID can be read from a distance of twenty meters. Owners of retail chains can also spy, because they have all the possibilities to monitor you - thanks to the RFID beacon, each item of the product has a unique identifier. This identifier can be easily linked to the customer. For example, to identify a "frequent customer" when scanning his credit card. RFID chips can be read from a distance, right through your clothing, wallet or backpack - without your knowledge or consent. We can't even know which products have these chips and which don't. RFID chips can be hidden well. For example, they can be sewn into the seams of clothing, located between layers of cardboard, molded in plastic or rubber, and integrated into the design of consumer packaging. In addition, the antenna required for these chips can now simply be printed with conductive ink, making RFID chips virtually invisible. Some companies are even experimenting with packaging design that will be an antenna in itself. As a result, soon the consumer will not be able to find out whether the purchased product has an RFID beacon or not. 6. SIM card We all know perfectly well what it is and how it works. But what if I said that a SIM card can do much more than just connect you to other people. The simplest applications can be downloaded and executed directly on the SIM-card - separately from the mobile phone, without even knowing what operating system is on the mobile phone. These applications can: follow URLs; send SMS; initiate and receive calls; connect and use information services; run standard commands on a mobile phone. Applications are downloaded to the SIM card without your knowledge using packet data transfer over remote access. Either a mobile operator or an attacker pretending to be a mobile operator (for example, using an IMSI interceptor) can update applications on a SIM card. I don't think it's worth saying what exactly a hacker can do with your phone if he has access to a SIM card. 7. Audio beacons uBeacons are high frequency audio beacons that can be emitted and picked up by most commercial speakers and microphones and are not audible to humans. Typically in the 18-20 kHz range. For example, knowing that you just watched a TV commercial for a microwave oven. And then you went online to find a gift for a friend. So, first of all, you will get an advertisement for a microwave oven. uBeacons can be embedded in websites or TV ads and collected by advertising SDKs embedded in smartphone apps. A favorite among marketers of uBeacons is that it delivers highly accurate ad targeting without requiring any user input. However, this requires the uXDT framework to be installed on the user's mobile device. The essence of the uXDT framework is that the corresponding audio beacons are embedded in mobile applications: to keep track of what the user is doing. At the same time, the developer of a mobile application may not even know that such a beacon is hidden in his project. Advertisers use uXDT to target users as follows. 1) First, the advertiser launches an ad with ultrasound elements: either on TV or on the website. 2) As soon as the announcement is displayed, a short sequence of high frequency (i.e. ultrasonic) tones is emitted from the speaker of the device. This high frequency tone is immediately captured by the uXDT framework on the user's smartphone. 3) To provide this functionality, the uXDT framework runs in the background and periodically accesses the device's microphone to listen to ultrasonic signals. After such a signal is detected, the uXDT framework extracts a unique ad identifier from it and informs the advertiser about it - along with the unique identification data of the device and user. The advertiser then uses this information to identify the interests and preferences of the user, and in accordance with this makes him an individual advertising offer: directs targeted advertising to the user's device.
  9. Today I will tell you about new profitable ideas for the coming year. You can safely take and test demand, I will describe how to do this later in the article. Greetings! Today we will analyze new profitable and promising business ideas for 2021. Perhaps some of them will push you to some idea, and you will come up with something of your own, or open at least your own business. Go! Mesh filters for windows The environment is full of insects, dust, smog and all sorts of allergens. All this through the windows enters the house and affects our health. The essence of this idea is to make mosquito nets from a special fabric that will not only trap insects, but also filter out 90% of dust, smog and allergens. We managed to find manufacturers of such filtering material in the Netherlands (Poll-Tex) and in the Czech Republic (RESPILON). The same companies produce material for protective medical masks. As I see the algorithm for launching this business: First of all, it is worth studying the manufacturers' websites (we will leave links to them under the video), this will make it possible to understand what these technologies are and who has what advantages. After you have decided on the manufacturer, its terms of sale and delivery, it is worth understanding whether there is a demand for this product and at what price the application will cost. The simplest option is message boards. We accept the client's call, take the size of his windows, say that we will need to wait and write down his contacts. After finding out the demand, we order a roll of fabric from the manufacturer at a wholesale price. We also buy the necessary components for assembling mosquito nets (there is nothing complicated in assembling them, you can also assemble them in the garage). When everything is on hand, we assemble the frame with our filter element according to the client's size and send the order. Roller Sneakers The essence of this idea is to open a specialized store selling sneakers with rollers, for example, on Instagram. These sneakers turn into full-fledged 4-wheel casters with one click. Many schoolchildren, teenagers and even adults find this solution quite convenient. Indeed, at any time, the walk can be changed to fun rides and vice versa. In general, such a product will surely have a large audience with which it will be easy to interact, for example, through a sales page on Instagram. We have repeatedly told how to create online stores on Instagram in previous issues. It is best to advertise your page through young bloggers on YouTube, Insta and TikTok. Sensory zones Touch zones are a business that at first glance may seem technically very complex. But if you take a closer look at it, it is easy to understand that there is nothing complicated in it. But due to the lack of competition, it is much easier to take a leading position. The bottom line is simple: create sensory zones for different establishments and surprise visitors. And what a surprised client wants is to come back, see more, take pictures, share with friends. Therefore, a good sensory area is itself an advertisement that works through a wow effect. The zones themselves can represent passageways that respond to human movement. These can be illuminated musical steps, drop-down flower chandeliers and rain ceilings that are impossible to get wet from. Sweet hookah mouthpieces This know-how is a lollipop that is put on a classic hookah mouthpiece. They are formulated to further cool, enhance flavor and remove bad breath from smoking. A sweet addition to the hookah will make smoking more varied. Each lollipop flavor adds new flavors to the familiar mix. The assortment is huge, ranging from classic berry, fruit flavors to Coca-Cola, salted caramel. Limitations are only in your own imagination. It is quite simple to establish the production process of such mouthpieces. We make caramel, put it on a tube, pack it and you're done. The cost is cheap, and judging by the reviews of people who have tried it, the effect is significant. You can sell sweet mouthpieces both online and directly offer an assortment of hookahs. The main thing is correct advertising and packaging. Bedside tables-transformers Huge wardrobes, bedside tables for half the room do not meet the needs of customers. We need a new and a kind of wow effect. The criteria are met by the bedside tables-transformers. At first glance, they are simple, ordinary lockers, but one movement and we have a whole roomy mechanism in front of us. The bedside table satisfies two needs at once. Convenient locker for things, from which you can get everything in one motion and a closed bedside table that protects from dust. The transforming bedside table will be an original addition for furniture workshops. You can sell them to stores as showcases for demonstration. During the day everything is open and all the goods are visible, everything is closed at night. The need to constantly hide and carry goods disappears. Folding ladder The staircase is an eternal problem, it often gets in the way, because of it it is not possible to move the table to another room, etc. Therefore, why not combine business with pleasure, create a business and solve a problem. Folding ladders are a convenient replacement for classic models. They are sturdy, comfortable and compact. The mechanism allows you to effortlessly fold the ladder against the wall. Space is immediately freed up, and if necessary, it can be easily pushed back. In Russia, such ladders are not yet widespread. They can be immediately purchased abroad and resold locally, or you can think about making analogs on your own. Laptop bag In the era of the internet, technology, and freelancing, a bag and laptop desk rolled into one are ways to make big bucks. The relevance of the product is off scale, more than half of people work and rest at their laptop. It constantly needs to be transferred. Now he is needed at school, then at work, then on a trip. The table bag is a double advantageous solution. Because it allows you to use your laptop anywhere without restrictions. Its structure is designed in such a way that the table takes various forms. From a small lap pad to a full table. All you need to implement an idea is to buy a product and resell it, or create your own analogue. Children's costumes transformers One of the most monetary industries is the niche of baby products. The assortment is huge, from rattles to full-fledged models of spaceships that fly. Children's costumes for transformers are an opportunity to occupy a separate, unoccupied niche. Children will be delighted with such costumes, because they will be able to fully embody their fantasies. Not only show yourself as transformers, but also turn into cars and planes. There is nothing super complicated in their creation. For example, the costumes that you see in the photo are generally made at home from cardboard. Growing clothing One thing for a long time. For children between the ages of 1 and 3, this seems impossible because children grow up quickly. They have to buy new things every six months. A new concept - an innovative fabric that grows with the child. The creator of the fabric claims that by 2030, such clothing will become an integral part of children's fashion. It will allow parents to save money during the main period of the child's growth. Quite a promising business option for the near future. It is likely that such a “growing” fabric will become widespread and trendy. Smoke light for exhaust pipe Another monetary niche is the car tuning niche. Car owners often spend a lot of money to upgrade their iron horses. The essence of this idea is in the resale and installation of special light nozzles on the exhaust pipes of cars. The nozzle illuminates the smoke and gives the impression that the car is driving with nitro acceleration. Many car owners want to make their car beautiful, racing, so high-quality lighting will not remain without demand. You can find an audience for such a product in thematic publics. Conclusion I will not describe the implementation methods, since there have been many articles on this topic up to creating your own website and making money on it. Therefore, take any idea and upgrade to fit your capabilities and circumstances. Good luck!
  10. Using TailsOS for carding The main thing in carding is anonymity. It doesn't matter how many transfers you do and how many things you buy - you should always be anonymous: for drops, shops, banks and CC sellers. There are many articles on carding forums about anonymity, and a lot of them talk about TailsOS. In this article, we will analyze why TailsOS is needed to work and what benefits it can bring to a carder. What is it? TailsOS is a LIveCD-distribution tailored for anonymous work on the Internet. The system is installed on a USB flash drive with a suitable size. For comfortable work, along with all the necessary software, a good 16-32 gigabyte flash drive will definitely be enough, taking into account the need to install a virtual machine. What's good about it? Tails is a Linux distribution with all the pros and cons out there. You can install on it all the software that is available for installation on these systems. In addition, you can disassemble and recompile it, which allows you to create a system with full control over traffic and application operation. In addition, you can install a virtual machine on it - this is useful for a carder, because working through a virtual machine allows you to achieve maximum anonymity in any conditions. It has built-in traffic routing through tor-networks, the ability to control outgoing traffic, virtualization and data masking. However, a huge feature of TailsOS is that there is no need to leave any data on the hard drive, which allows you to hide whatever you have on the flash drive. How do install it? Installation takes place by uploading to a USB flash drive from a regular computer. Any problem like WinToFLash will do. The main thing is to choose a flash drive that will allow you to use an NTFS system, with a volume of 16 to 32 gigabytes. This number is enough to run all the software required by the carder. What are the requirements for a pc? There are not many requirements for a computer. In this case, it is enough to have as much RAM as possible, although 4 gigabytes will be enough, which even the cheapest laptop now has. Drivers for all equipment are included with the distribution kit.
  11. Carding money from cellphones - still a working scam You've probably seen a lot offers of quick earning money on testing apps. Most of them are cunning (or not so) disguised fraud, the victim of which could lose a good amount from the cards. Of course, this method of carding is not entirely related to carding itself, but there have been many discussions about it on carding forums. In this article, we will analyze how to transfer money from the victim's phone using remote control programs. What is the essence of the method? Remote access programs had a good purpose in themselves - to help solve user problems remotely, however, by providing full access to the phone, you give the attackers full control over everything that is there. The method is quite simple - you persuade the victim to install a control program and transfer the device under your control. Confusing the victim and lulling vigilance, you go to banking apps and transfer money to your account. A separate option for Sberbank users is to transfer money through the short number 900. What is needed for him? In fact, all you need is a few cards of the Sberbank or other banks with linked numbers, a secure phone, a proxy, and social engineering skills. You can find a victim everywhere - for example, on freelance sites. Give a task to find a tester of mobile apps, offer him to download a remote access program and confuse him - see the characteristics of the phone, check its power and download various apps. After the vigilance is put to sleep - feel free to check banking apps and transfer money to your cards. The easiest way to do this is through 900 - check the balance and send the funds. Now the method after 900 is somewhat outdated, since Sberbank has limited the maximum transfer to 1000 rubles, however, with due persistence, it is enough to simply make 5-10 transfers. After that, transfer funds from the card through BTC and withdraw them into a currency convenient for you. From consumables, social network accounts can also come in handy. It is better to select accounts of "business" people or successful "IT specialists", and when communicating, negotiate a good salary per month - from 30-35 thousand, which will be more than enough for most of those caught. What should be considered? Please note that it is worth working exclusively with smartphones that support remote control. You should avoid iOS devices (where remote control applications are more difficult) and tablets, because they often do not have any banking applications.
  12. This article is presented for informational purposes only and does not constitute a call to action. All information is aimed at protecting readers from illegal actions. Foreword We provide interpretation services and independent medical opinion based on the test results. There are a lot of laboratories nowadays, analyzes there are recklessly scattered with whole wagons. They are given to people in printouts or by email. mail. The results usually reflect the level of some indicator, for example, the number of red blood cells, and an indication is given whether this is the norm or deviation from it. Then people with the result bring down an appointment with the doctor who appointed the study. And here stupidity often begins, because if a therapist is in a polyclinic (well, or a neuropathologist / surgeon, etc. in the same place), then these analyzes are always not looking for a problem for, but purely according to a template like "it should be done, here we are." We advertise ourselves as, say, a kind of association of highly qualified specialists "Space medicine for the right treatment." We print ourselves, stupidly on a printer, flyers with text such as: an independent expert assessment of test results with the formation of individual recommendations for treatment and prevention. We list what analyzes we estimate, set a LOW price, around 150-200 rubles. We take the most popular types of research: general blood, blood biochemistry, hormones, urine / feces, sugar, etc. In the leaflet, a phone number is required, mail, as the person who picks up the phone is personally called Avtandil Moiseevich, for example, the director there or the chief specialist. Channels: by mailboxes in the entrances, spam in social networks in our region, in polyclinics we lay out in waiting areas. IMPORTANT! There is no need to go to the whole country or even to remote regions, start from your specific place of residence, below I will explain why. How to evaluate test results? There are a lot of commercial medical laboratories on these Internet sites that, for the sake of self-promotion, place automatic calculators of indicators on their websites. Trample your finger on Klava, and you will be happy! Try to find several such labs, preferably with round-the-clock support just in case, and more impressive, of course. It will be very useful to have familiar doctors, you never know, you suddenly have to seek advice. Now about the business process itself Fucking, hemorrhoid, bitch. In the sense that after the first spread of about 200 leaflets in the boxes, not a single appeal at all. I got sad, I came up with the idea that the topic was rotten, I invented some kind of fucking thing. Spam VKontakte and od, and fb, and inst - also zero. Three weeks pass, I think, but it cannot be! I rushed to the clinic at my leisure, scattered leaflets, I was dull in the corner, I saw who would take it. In general, almost no one takes it, there and without me everything is littered with some kind of advertising. And my leaflets are inconspicuous, on a white piece of paper. In general, for an hour I was stuck there, I saw that a couple of men had taken the leaflet out of boredom, a grandma and a young girl. Everything .... go home ... A couple of days later, a call: a young female voice (that girl maybe?) Asks if it is possible to see the baby's tests and what I will advise. Ka-aa-it's normal! He sends it by mail, I look, I connect a doctor I know, I send it. 20 minutes, kiwi money is falling. Then I called my mother again, gave orally instructions, aroused, so to speak, more confidence. Asks: "can a friend recommend you?" Fuck you! And then it hit me! Bitch word of mouth is our everything! Immediately I tell a doc I know to recommend to my patients to apply, because "there are experts, all people in positions not lower than the head, candidates of medical science and professors." And slowly it went, it went. Most of the clients are grannies and young mothers with endless snotty backgnaws. I no longer advertise, only in VK and OD. A sundress is working, darling. Now I’ll explain why you don’t need to go to a remote region: it happens that some, well, quite a few, there are not many of them, but there are patients, well, they want to see the doctor personally, just die! Psychology, your division. But after such a meeting and listening to complaints from this grandmother about everything, positive infa will fly like a bullet on the sundress. Later, he just expanded the range of services - he added a second reading of roentgenograms and all kinds of tomography. In the net, such services cost a lot, for example, a second MRI reading is somewhere from 1500 to 3500 money. Well, I bet three times cheaper. It took about five months to build the circuit. A lot. But he didn’t invest a dime and worked comfortably in his field. Average profit - 7000 rubles per week. Normally, I think, without leaving the working computer, without spending time free from the main work. It turned out almost such a zemstvo doctor, like a family doctor. And many people believe, and it is not unreasonable, that doctors in medical institutions deal with them like that, casually. And here you have a personal doctor. And not expensive. Beauty.
  13. The essence This article will talk about making money on foreign freelance sites. They pay several times more than domestic ones, which means that you can earn several times more on them. Below we will analyze two of the most popular freelance sites over the hill. The only one and for someone may be a significant minus is that knowledge of the English language is required. Zirtual is a service for those looking for a full-time job. After registering on the site, you become an online assistant for very busy people. They give you a simple job that they do not have time to do themselves, for example, answer letters, process photos in Photoshop, and so on. The rate per hour is approximately $ 11. Simple arithmetic, 8 hours, five days a week, $ 11 an hour = $ 1,760 a month. This income is suitable for organized people who are ready to conscientiously complete tasks and, of course, speak English. Uniq Paid is a reliable service that pays for the fact that you register on advertisers' sites. One of the few foreign books that pays remuneration to Webmoney. There is an affiliate program. Average daily earnings, given enough time for the site, $ 20 (average rate from $ 0.07 to $ 1.5 per signup). To work with this service, you need to create a mailbox in the yahoo.com system. Output: These sites can easily replace the main income, if you give them the right amount of time. If you work stably on these sites every day for several hours, then your income without much effort can be from $ 100 per month!
  14. Today we will analyze earnings in conditions when there is no money at all for promotion! At the moment, Zen is trying to become a "mastodon" for creative people, not only for the CIS countries and the Russian Federation, but to go out into the world. In this regard, its funding is multiplying, and functions and capabilities are becoming more. The perspective is the same as with You-Tube, because it was not popular either, and those who posted something there were considered "strange" and wonderful. But most of those eccentrics are now steadily making money there, and all because they once believed in themselves and mastered new things to realize their potential! Now this opportunity is given to us by a team from Yandex. Let's go figure it out! Pros of working in Zen: + Does not require investments (in material terms) + Requires 30 minutes to 2 hours of work + Your location doesn't matter + No special skills required Minuses: - There is a ceiling for earnings (everyone has a limited time). - The ceiling, I think, is 150-200k from several channels, devoting 10 hours a day to writing posts (but this can also be delegated to an employee). - But there are scaling options, and the ability to reach 300-500k. I recommend reading the book "Write and Condense" to write articles more correctly. And to start working in Zen it takes 10k minutes of readings (this is really not a lot and is achieved with the right approach in a couple of days, so don't be alarmed). Zen Monetization Methods: + Yandex itself pays you. + You connect an affiliate program (on a topic similar to your channel, so that the audience is as loyal as possible). + You can sell ads in the same way as in VK groups. But no one is doing this yet. HOW TO LEAVE THE CHANNEL FOR MONETIZATION IN 5-7 DAYS? Channel monetization usually occurs on the 5-7th day of the channel's existence, if you do everything right. Here are some tips on how to get monetized faster. I recommend taking screenshots, or taking notes in a notebook, so that new information is better perceived and not to miss anything. Feature 1. Channels start shooting when the algorithm (or moderators) clearly understand what your channel plans to write about. Therefore, try to explain it extremely clearly in the description, without water and abstruse sentences. Hashtags are best suited for this, for example: # politics # psychology # ufo # humor. Also, do not be smart with the name of the channel, do not distract the moderators. Views are multiplied by 10-20-30, as soon as Yandex has identified your topic. Feature 2. Take your time with publications, act calmly. On the first day of the channel's existence, you need to be extremely careful and attentive. On the first day, you need to publish 3-4 articles, at the best possible time (read about this below). After the publications started scrolling and the first impressions appeared, prepare a very cool article, the best one (look at the statistics, which of the previously published ones went better). Wait until the next day and again, at the best time to post a new article. A good article will prove to Yandex that the statistics on your channel are growing proportionally. In the evening, do another very good article based on statistics. Do not deviate from the topic, do not confuse Yandex - this will only slow down the process and understanding. Your publications should get 2-4 thousand impressions in the feed, otherwise you most likely chose something wrong. After several days, such actions lead to the fact that Yandex robots begin to trust your channel and the topic becomes extremely clear. Impressions should increase to 50-100 thousand. You are guaranteed a profit if you follow this short instruction. Feature 3. Post reviews to your channel wherever you can! You need completely different users, and not only those whom Yandex has selected for you. In the first 2-3 days, attract as many users from other sites to your channel as possible. Any transitions, readings and views prove to Yandex that your materials have become popular on the Internet. In the first 2-3 days of the channel's existence, Yandex must understand who your audience is. It draws conclusions based on everyone who subscribed to your channel and those who liked it. Each subscriber is like a thousand users, and sometimes more, so each new visitor expands your audience many times over! (IMPORTANT) In no case, for the first 7-14 days, do not write crap, Yandex may cut impressions and lose confidence in you. In my experience, it is best to fill in statistics and trust for the first 2 weeks, then write crap, but also very carefully with headings and text. Chip 4. Do 50% of your content in advance in your spare time / weekend. But only after you have brought the channel to monetization do you know all the relevant news in your topic, etc. We get into the search: Many large channels already receive up to 30-40% of visitors from Yandex Search. Your task is to get into Yandex search, you can do this with
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