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  1. 150 rubles steam personal balance for 100 rubles
  2. Payment / Market
  3. Very true, its possible but in my opinion its not worth the trouble
  4. So basically dumps and pins from shops is very risky to use as majority of them are dead ? Damnit i knew wat sounds too good to be true always is :/
  5. Hoe's dont card macbooks, they sell their pun-tang
  6. Mxng22


    u need with cc number to make transfer
  7. yeah no doubt good recommendation from Testy19
  8. got some updated EU & USA base , Inbox me
  9. Hahaha youre killing me man
  10. no any algos don`t work anymore, even full info nobody can`t convert to dump.
  11. If u need to mass check bins use: http://bins.pro/ - not all bins (MassCheck) http://quayvn.com/index.php?act=bin.checker - 90% bins (MassCheck) https://www.binlist.net/ - not all bins too (OneTime Script Check) bindb.com - all bins (OneTime with Captcha)
  12. There are 2 types of Visa Verified by visa and Non Verified by visa VBV has more info in the Card Holder Non Vbv has less info. Like for Example a VBV will contact the Card Hold to Verify payment Non VBV is the opposite
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