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  1. Big bro, will you stop and throw stone at every dog that barks? You're more honoured than that. We that knows what we are doing knows and appreciates your efforts. I once suffered from PoVertY so my brain is very active. Bro, just neglect that loopy imbecile. When poverty enters his body, he will be wise. Please @Anonymusgocrazy let's have a ring gang. We that knows what we are doing and are tired of the evil called 'poverty' Stay saFE
  2. Really appreciate this. God Bless. More winning I pray. Please @Anonymusgocrazy can you create a rung for us? closed circuit billionaire ring. i guess that's gonna be fun. God bless this Forum. I love you all.
  3. Where to card Egiftcard please. Let's chat please. Or if you own an Ecommerce.
  4. Or if any carder have an active GiftCard sites or any website under under his control that can be use for laundering, should PLEASE hit me up. This year is at it's peak already, please help me to created meaning for 2019.
  5. If it is very cardable, without verifications shits, please share with me. Thanks
  6. Firstly you're not the most misfortunes... So no complain, learn to adapt, that's why we are human beings 'read Darwin's quote' As per rooting, try kingoroot amongst. Never expect any angel to come and take care of you, hustle and hustle and never stop hustling even when the better day comes. Ask yourself what help can I render to my co hustlers, how can I be of help to the system? And before you know what's happening you've started flowing with the systems. Cheer up guy better days are yet to come likewise terrible ones are yet to surface. Wake up and dust off you ass, if you can't stand alone hold other hustlers and you will defiantly stand someday. Protect you Hope and you will smile someday. Thanks and take care Jahrastapha!!
  7. I'm open for jobs as well. With high morale!!
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